Win sales deals & onboard customers in one space

Dock organizes everything shared with customers in one branded workspace. Create deal rooms, onboarding hubs, and client portals that customers love.

Why Revenue Teams Love Dock

Learn how our customers are using Dock to create better sales and onboarding experiences.

31% increase in win rate
for sales follow-up

Learn how Andrew Hollis, Director of Sales at Nectar, uses Dock to close more deals.

2 hours saved
onboarding each customer

Learn how Brittany Soinski, Manager of Onboarding at Loom, uses Dock to speed up customer onboarding.

Workspaces for every moment
of the customer lifecycle

Dock helps your revenue team at every stage of the customer journey
— from sales to onboarding to renewals.
Sales Deal Rooms
Enable buyers and add structure to your sales process.
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Onboarding Plans
Speed up time to value
in hours—not days.
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Client Portals
Manage projects, run business reviews, and share renewal proposals.
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Content library
for revenue teams

Dock's content library makes it easy to organize, share, and track client-facing content. Dock replaces tools like Google Drive, Highspot, & Seismic. Learn more →

Order forms that
close deals

Dock makes it easy to create & sign order forms
from the sales deal room. Learn more →

Dashboards for sales,
implementations & deal desk

Create custom dashboards that combine
Dock and CRM data.

Sales Pipeline Dashboard
Pull in data from Salesforce & Hubspot
Implementation Dashboard
Get visibility into your implementations
Deal Desk
Manage order forms & approval workflows

Real-time buyer intent notifications
& customer health analytics

Get signals that will improve sales forecasts
and customer relationships.

Integrates with your
tech stack

Dock integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack,
Gong, Zoom, Loom, Google Drive, and more.

Customize Dock to
match your brand

Brand your workspaces with your logo,
banner, brand colors, and more.

See how teams customize
their Workspaces ↓
Onboarding Portals
Digital Sales Rooms
Digital Sales Rooms
Make it your own in
minutes with simple settings
“My ultimate goal is to reduce the time-to-value for our customers, and using Dock allows us to get the right resources into the right hands—quickly.”
Brittany Soinski
Brittany Soinski
Onboarding Lead, Loom
“The Lattice team loves Dock! The platform streamlines the buying experience and empowers our champions to make the case for our product to internal stakeholders at their companies.”
Dini Mehta
Dini Mehta
CRO, Lattice
“Our customer’s reaction to our Dock space: ‘Origin came through with the best onboarding resources I've ever seen.'”
Erin Faverty
Erin Faverty
Head of Customer Success, Origin

Client-facing workspaces
that customers love

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