Virtual Data
Room Software

Virtual data rooms that tell your story to investors

Dock helps founders raise money.

Impress investors with a dynamic experience

Dock gives founders the ability to tell their company story with multimedia content. Share decks, videos, embeds, and more in one shared space.

Build personalized spaces for each investor

Dock makes it easy to raise money from institutional investors and angels at the same time.

Track who's viewing your pitch deck

Get analytics on your fundraising data room.

Secure information sharing

Provide access to specific email addresses.

Frequently asked questions

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How do Founders use Dock? 

Two main ways:

1. Raise money from investors with a virtual data room.

2. Find product market by working with early customers and design partners.

How does Dock help Founders raise money?

Dock gives founders the tools to create a fundraise data room that helps you tell your company story. These data rooms can host all of your fundraising content from pitch decks to explainer videos to product demos. Check out one of our templates.

Check out Dock’s fundraising template.

How does Dock help founders find product-market fit?

Dock gives Founders a variety of templates to build their early sales motion and run proof of concepts with design partners. We’d recommend you start with one of the following templates:

SMB / Transactional Sales

Sales Pilot

Proof of concept

Customer Onboarding

What makes Dock different than other fundraise tools?

Dock provides the same analytics as popular pitch deck sharing software. But Dock also gives Founders the tools to build a personalized data room for investors. Dock’s data rooms are flexible and make it easy for Founder to tell their company story, while sharing a timeline for the deal. Dock also integrates with your favorite tools including Loom, Google and more.

How does Dock compare to traditional virtual data rooms?

Let’s start with definitions.

Virtual data rooms (VDRs) are a digital workspace with a number of use cases including venture capital fundraising, M&A deals, mergers, and private equity. VDRs streamline the due diligence process and capital raise by putting all of the confidential documents in one secure location for all the dealmakers to have access. Data Room solutions make it easier for the buy-side team and bidders to get access to confidential information related to the deal.

The key functionality of VDRs are security features to protect sensitive data and confidential documents. These features include:

- Secure file sharing and document management
- Granular rights management for different user permissions and sensitive information
- Watermarking for sensitive documents to prevent leaks
- Data storage and data security
- Two factor authentication
- SOC 2, HIPAA and ISO 27001 compliance

The leading traditional virtual data room solution is Intralinks. They are used by investment banking firms to guide the M&A process in hundreds of M&A Transactions.

Dock is a lightweight virtual data room provider and works best as a deal room for startup fundraising. Dock provides a fundraise data room template to help startup founders get started. Dock is more user-friendly than traditional VDR solutions, but lacks some of the advanced security features from the old-school players (we're working on it!). Dock does provide real-time user activity monitoring and the ability to restrict access by email (or domain) to virtual data rooms. Dock also comes with advanced project management tools, special pricing for enterprise buyers and customer support with all VDR solution packages.

What’s the best way to get started with Dock?

We offer a 14 day free trial. Get started with one of our templates.

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