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Brand Design Project Plan Template

Collaborate with clients throughout the brand design process with this free project plan template.

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Brand Design Project Plan Template Walkthrough

Who this template is for 

Brand design agencies, freelance graphic designers, and other brand design professionals who want to create a client portal for brand design projects.

What this template is for

Simplifying the brand design process by organizing all deliverables, communications, and branding assets in one workspace.

How to use the template 

Provide key project information, like the scope and key stakeholders, then add a step-by-step project plan. Next, add your deliverables, like Figma embeds and brand guideline PDFs.

What’s in this template?

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Section 1


Use this section to welcome your client to your new Dock workspace. Include information about the overall goal of the brand design project as well as contact information for the client to best get in touch with you.

Section 2


This section is ideal for providing further detail on the service you’ll be providing to your client. Include embedded slideshows, videos, and more to showcase your service offerings in vivid detail. Dock’s native integrations make it easy to share media from a number of different platforms.

Section 3

Brand Guidelines

Use this section to clearly define how your client’s brand style and brand image should be represented to the world—in a central location that can be easily referenced by both you and your client. Brand guidelines are essential to ensuring a company is represented consistently.

Section 4

Project Plan

Provide your client with a clearly laid out plan at the outset of a new project and welcome transparency throughout development. This section allows clients to track a project’s progress in real-time. Individual tasks can be assigned to users on the client or agency side with the option to include due dates, status updates, and notes.

Section 5

Customer Survey

The brand design project template is designed to create an interactive space to increase collaboration and client satisfaction throughout the brand design process. This section is placed ideally to encourage reviews when clients are most satisfied. Dock integrates easily with survey tools like Typeform to effortlessly collect client feedback.

Why use this brand design project template?

Brand design projects can get messy if you don’t have a system for delivering on your project plan and a way to organize client feedback. Dock’s brand design project template streamlines the entire process, letting you focus on delivering excellent assets for your clients.

A brand is so much more than just fonts and logos. It’s about telling a story with both words and a visual identity. To get the job done right, you need to make use of many storytelling tools while making sure it translates across platforms, whether that’s a social media account, a t-shirt, or a business card.

With Dock’s brand design template, you can keep all of your brand elements, design inspiration, style guide, and design assets inside of a single link. Think of it as your virtual design studio.

Here’s what else the brand design project template can do for you:

Speed up your brand identity design process

  • Standardize your creative process in a template you can copy, customize, and reuse for each new client. 
  • Create a branding project plan designed specifically for rebrands, or any other special branding project that may have special considerations.
  • Use past performance with the template to identify and address client and team member pain points.

Collaborate directly with clients during brand design projects

  • Get real-time feedback on visual elements and use that to refine deliverables.
  • Tag clients and stakeholders so they’re always in the loop on project updates.
  • Get comments from clients to better understand their brand personality or corporate identity and avoid potential missteps.

Elevate brand design projects

  • Provide clients with a link to everything they need for the project, from idea to execution.
  • Embed case studies from past clients, so your new clients know what to expect from the process.
  • Use workspace engagement data to see how clients are interacting with your project.
  • Set up password protection for your workspace so your clients’ assets are safe yet accessible.

Clients can easily get lost in a complex brand design process, leading to a lot of back-and-forth with little progress. A well-structured branding project template can give them access to everything they need to work with you and move the project forward.

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Define the project scope and stakeholders: Set expectations for clients to keep the brand design project on track. Plus, add the key stakeholders so team members know who to contact for more context.
  • Establish clear brand design project steps: Assign every step along the way so designers know exactly what to tackle, and clients have a clear project roadmap.‍
  • Upload deliverables: Add links or embed design project assets like logo designs, brand fonts/typography, and color palettes as they become available so clients have instant access.‍
  • Communicate directly with clients inside a shared workspace: Give clients access to the project workspace so they can add comments and ask questions as needed. That way, you can quickly answer them and keep the brand identity project moving.


What is a branding project?

A branding project is the process of codifying the look and feel of a brand and reviewing how a company wants to be represented to the public. Often, a branding guide is created to help create brand unity and consistency across marketing channels.

What is a brand design?

A brand design encompasses the creation, redesign, or refresh of the unique identity or visual representation of a company or product. The primary design elements are used to distinguish a product or brand from the competition and highlight its value propositions.

What is included in a brand design?

Broadly, a company or product’s brand design makes up all the elements that represent how they are viewed by the world. Commonly this can include typography, logos, color scheme, and taglines, among other things.

What are the steps in designing a brand?

Typically, designing a brand design project happens in three steps:

1. Start by researching the marketplace and deciding which key elements of a company or product’s identity need to be communicated to the public.

2. Once this is done, a company can decide on which design elements best represent its identity and unique value propositions by working with a design agency.

3. A brand design project will typically culminate in the creation of a brand style guide and logo.

The agency may also create other branded assets for the company, included slide decks, social media graphics, email signatures, swag, etc.

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