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Transform the buyer experience with digital sales rooms

Dock is a digital sales room with embedded content, analytics and collaboration tools.

“Dock has enabled us to deliver a personalized sales experience across multiple teams. With templates and analytics, Dock has been hugely helpful in scaling processes without losing our magic human touch.”
Dini Mehta
CRO, Lattice

Everything for your prospects in one place—from product explainers to security documentation to pricing quotes

Every sales rep sends a follow-up email with too many links and attachments that inevitably turns into a never-ending email thread.

Dock simplifies the buying process by providing a single destination that hosts all of the information in a deal cycle.

Your prospects always know where to go when they need something.

Stop using that janky spreadsheet and move deals forward with collaborative mutual action plans

For inexperienced buyers, it's difficult to navigate the multiple stages of a deal from economic approval to legal and security review.

That’s why complex deals require a mutual plan between the buyer and seller to move the deal forward.

Most sales teams use spreadsheets to manage this process, but Dock turns mutual action plans into a professional process that will impress your client and company stakeholders.

Dock space notification

Guide the conversation and
impress your point of contact’s boss

When getting approval, sales teams are often left out of the room. Dock makes sure you’re properly positioned when your point of contact talks to their boss.

And you’ll get insight into when these conversations are happening with Dock analytics.

Separate the real buyers from the people who are wasting your time

Buyers who don’t engage with your content are not going to close. With Dock analytics, sales reps better understand which deals to spend their time on.

And which deals need a little extra love.

Build a repeatable process that treats prospects like VIPs

With Dock templates, sales leaders create a repeatable process across the organization that mimics their top reps.

These templates are easy to personalize, so each of your prospects feels like they are getting the VIP treatment.

Dock Features

Dock gives you the tools to transform the customer experience.

Track engagement

Understand when someone views the space and what content they care about

Get feedback

Customers share what they think via comments

Dynamic plans

Create dynamic project plans that help customers stay on track.

Secure sharing

Add password protection to spaces.

Duplicate spaces

Copy work from customer to customer in a single click.

Rich text editor

Add whatever text you want and customize to fit your needs.

Optimized for mobile

Looks good on IOS and Android devices

Custom branding

Add your logo, customer logos and custom banners.

Embeded content

Add everything from images to pdfs to links. Embed your favorite software from Figma to Google Slides to Youtube.

Dock apps integration

Frequently asked questions

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How do account executives use Dock?

Account executives use Dock a few different ways:

Intro/Demo Follow Up: After a call, every AE sends over a long email with too many links and attachments. With Dock, AEs send a single trackable link that hosts all of the sales, marketing, and product collateral.

Enable Champions: Dock helps AEs package everything champions needs to know in one place that can easily be shared with internal stakeholders

Differentiate from the Competition: Dock makes it easy for AEs to provide a personalized buying experience for prospects.

Manage Complex Deals: Dock gives AEs the tools to manage complex deals from mutual action plans to shared notes.

How do sales engineers use Dock?

Sales Engineers use Dock to manage proof-of-concepts. Dock workspaces can be used to store key information like project timelines, product documentation, key stakeholders, success criteria and more. Check out one of our templates to get started.

How does sales leadership use Dock?

Sales leaders use Dock to build a repeatable sales process. With company templates, Sales leaders  control how Sales reps share information with prospects and make sure everyone is following the right steps to get a deal done.

What type of sales cycle does Dock support? SMB? Mid-Market? Enterprise?

Dock supports the full range of sales cycles from smb/transactional to mid-market and enterprise deals. The main difference is the type of template that an AE would use with prospects.

For more transactional deals, AEs use a simple template with basic personalization. For these deals, Dock provides a standard way to share your complete offering with a prospect.

Check out Dock's SMB/Transactional Sales template.

For complex deals, AEs use a more in-depth template with personalized content. For these complex deals, Dock provides tools like mutual action plans to help guide the sales process. And Dock provides a way to share different pieces of content as the sales cycle progresses.

Check out Dock's Enterprise sales template.

Does Dock work for product-led growth companies?

Dock helps AEs at PLG companies build the case to senior leadership and IT around why the company needs to upgrade the account. Dock makes it easy to capture product usage, explain the higher tier offering, detail next steps and share customer success stories.

Try Dock's product-led sales template.

Do prospects actually use Dock?

We’ve found prospects are excited to use Dock as it’s a frictionless experience. Prospects don’t need to create a login/password to engage in a Dock workspace. They just put in their email and on the backend sales reps have security controls for specific domains and emails. In practice, Dock is just a link, which is the atom of the Internet. Everyone is comfortable with the concept of links.

Dock is just a link, which is the atom of the Internet. Everyone is comfortable with the concept of links.

That being said, our best practice is to introduce Dock workspaces on a call and within follow up emails. That way clients know what to expect and what resources are available within the workspace.

Importantly, when  prospects don’t engage with a Dock workspace it’s a great signal to the sales rep on the quality of the buyer. It helps a sales rep understand whether it makes sense to spend more time working on that deal or move on to someone who is more engaged.

What kind of analytics does Dock track?

Dock provides the following analytics:

Views: track when someone views a Dock workspace

Clicks: track when someone clicks on a link

Downloads: track when someone downloads a PDF

PDF Time Spent: track how much time someone spends viewing a PDF and time spent per page (soon)

Drop off Report: track which PDF page someone left (soon)

Action Plan Activity: track progress within our shared project plan

When there’s a new workspace view, Dock will send an email notification to the workspace owner.

Does Dock integrate with Salesforce? What about Hubspot?

Dock currently integrates with Salesforce and the Hubspot integration is coming soon.

Here’s how the CRM integration works:
- Link Account/Opportunity Data with Dock Workspaces
- Pull in new clients directly from the CRM
- Access Dock workspace links from the Account or Opportunity record

How does Dock enable customer champions?

Dock gives customer champions a single link to share with internal stakeholders. This link tells the company’s complete story and the value they are going to provide to the customer.

Does Dock support mutual action plans?

Dock gives sales teams the tools to create and share mutual action plans. Learn more

What is a sales portal / digital sales room?

Sales Portals (also known as a Digital Sales Room) host product, sales and marketing content that helps buyers make a purchase decision. Sales portals host all of your existing content including case studies, FAQs, sales content, pricing proposals, pitch decks, demo videos, mutual action plans, and more.

Sales Portals / Digital Sales Rooms Deep Dive
- Build a differentiated buyer experience that helps customers understand your value
-Syncs with popular CRMs and sales tools like Salesforce. Easy for sales reps create sales portals as part of their workflow
-Create sales portal templates based on sales enablement best practices
-Collaborate in real-time between sales people and prospects
-Track buyer engagement with content and the deal
-Get buyer engagement insights to inform forecasting
-Drip content throughout the sales cycle to match the buyer journey
-Empower champions with the information they need to convince internal stakeholders and decision-makers
-Share marketing content with the sales team via the template library
-Improve how companies approach virtual sales and share sales collateral

What's the best way to get started with Dock?

Get started with one of our sales templates.

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