Quotes & Order Forms

Share pricing quotes.
Sign order forms.
Close deals faster

Create sales order forms and send them to
your customers for signing in only a few clicks.

Simplify the sales order form process
from creation to signature...........

Create consistent order
forms without clunky
tools and templates.

Stop using messy document templates and bulky CPQ systems to manage order forms. Dock gives you a simpler way to manage order form templates and approval rules.

Pre-define your product library and deal terms.

Set deal approval rules for discounts, contract terms, and more.

Pre-load standard legal documents to every deal.

Sync order forms and deals
back to your CRM.

Empower sales reps to
build quotes in seconds
—not hours.

Instead of starting from scratch, reps can create signable order forms in a few clicks with an intuitive quote builder.

Start from templated quotes
and order forms.

Populate with CRM
customer data.

Attach custom red-lined documents or contracts.

Add discounts, taxes, and

A simple way to handle
complex pricing

Any pricing model.

Flat-free pricing
Per-unit pricing
Tiered pricing pricing
Volume-based pricing

Any billing structure.

Custom contract lengths
Choose billing terms
Multiple payment options
And more...

Collect secure
e-signatures from
the same tool.

Dock is an alternative to Docusign.

Customers can sign order forms and legal
documents directly in Dock.

Share quotes or legal docs for
in a few clicks.

Clients get a simple, secure
signature flow.

Set signing orders or provide signature reminders.

Integrates with Hubspot
and Salesforce

Create sales proposals with data from
Hubspot and Salesforce.

Syncs with
Deal line items
Price book

Track your contract statuses
with order form analytics.

Gain more visibility. Track order form views and shares.

Get real-time notifications. Get alerted when a deal is signed.

See order form statuses. See which deals are pending approval or signatures.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is a sales price quote?

A sales price quote or pricing quote is a personalized price offer for a service created by a seller for a specific buyer. The pricing quote can often be sent as part of a larger project proposal, but can also be created and sent on its own after initial discussions have taken place.

Why use sales order form software?

Creating and sharing custom pricing quotes with each client can be extremely time-consuming for companies of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprises. Sales quoting software can help increase proposal automation and reduce time spent creating individual price quotes while also keeping your workflow consistent across your sales organization.

Sales quoting tools like Dock also allow you to create common price quote templates in advance for common scenarios, further reducing the time spent on each deal. Sales order form features are a welcome addition to any of your proposal templates, allowing your team to easily manage purchase orders as they come in.

What should be included in a pricing quote?

The best quoting software should allow you to tailor each sales quote to the client's requirements, but there are common order details that all buyers will look for in a pricing quote. These include:

- An overview of your product or service (including salesperson contact info)
- Contact information (company name, billing address/shipping address, etc.)
- Itemized prices
- Frequency of pricing (one-time, monthly, or annual)
- Price (subtotal & total amount)
- Taxes
- Any discounts
- Terms and conditions

How does Dock simplify the sales order form process for buyers?

Sales negotiations can easily devolve into a hard-to-manage mess of email threads, lost attachments, or unviewable Excel files. Dock easily replaces your clunky application form and paper forms. Dock’s quoting solution makes your sales order form easy to access from a single link, and places it alongside all the other sales collateral buyers need to make an informed purchase decision. With Dock, you can embed your sales quote or customer sales order right on your shared workspace, alongside other valuable sales collateral.

Dock also removes a lot of the tedious work that can go into creating a new sales quote for each prospect, helping to streamline and automate the overall sales process. The price quote software makes it quick and simple to create stylish and professional-looking quotes in minutes. 

Dock also allows you to pre-make templates for specific use cases, making it even easier to create quotes for companies or product levels you work with all the time. This creates a scalable price quote process that can easily be adapted as your products and business change, leading to increased profitability overall.

Price quotes can also easily be converted into purchase order forms, so your deal can progress without skipping a beat. Dock integrates DropboxSign’s esignature product, allowing you to transition seamlessly from quote to closed sale, all from the same workspace.

Why use Dock as your CPQ software solution?

For many sales teams, creating sales quotes can be a tedious nightmare. The main value of using Dock as your CPQ (configure price quote) solution is the ability to create customized sales order forms that can be easily templatized and duplicated. Sellers can also easily use Dock to create a number of variations of their price quote template for a whole range of use cases.

Bringing many key business forms online, Dock’s quoting tools are cloud-based (not PDFs) and don't live in isolation, either. Vital pricing information can be positioned alongside other valuable information related to the sale, including client testimonials, demo recordings, or product specs, all easily accessible from a single link. 

Equally useful for products and professional services, a Dock workspace can effectively replace clunky Excel spreadsheets, MS Word documents, or Google Sheets to help streamline approval workflows for each purchase order. This leads to improved customer satisfaction.

How does Dock’s price quote software empower sales reps?

The best part about Dock’s order form software is that it makes it quick and easy to create attractive and professional quotes. A sales rep can create their own sales quotes without having to work with a designer, avoiding the time and energy spent on that back and forth.

Dock’s order forms allow your sales reps to take full ownership of the customer relationship throughout the sales cycle, from the first sales call and follow-ups to the close. Involving too many people in the sales process can overcomplicate things. A single, streamlined process provides an ideal customer experience.

Can you add discounts to Dock's price quotes?

Yes. Dock’s sales order form software includes the functionality to add discounts as either a percent or dollar-based amount. Starting with a basic sales order, the unit price and total will then be automatically adjusted in real time to reflect the new discount added.

What pricing models does Dock support?

Dock’s form builder works for all the most popular pricing models:

- Per Unit/User
- Flat Fee
- Tiered
- Volume

Pricing models can be mixed and matched on a single order form. For example, you can have flat, one-time fees combined with per-unit monthly fees.

Can you create tiered or volume price price quotes with Dock?

Yes. Dock allows you to create tiered and volume-based price quotes (in addition to standard subscription models). The price quote builder includes the ability to hide certain tiers, so you can decide whether you want to display only the tiers most relevant to that specific customer or all possible tiers available in your product line.

Do Dock order forms integrate with Salesforce/Hubspot?

Yes. In Dock’s Salesforce and Hubspot integrations can also be set to feed order forms back into the associated records in your CRM. Notifications can also be set as project milestones are reached.

Can you create a sales order form from a Dock price quote?

Yes. Dock makes it simple to move your deal from step to step. You can seamlessly turn your sales quote into an order form your customer to sign. Dock even supports esignatures, so you can take clients from demo to estimate to closed deal in a single shared workspace.

From your selected price quote, click “Generate Order Form,” and the order form builder will walk you through the creation of an order form. Dock will create a PDF-like document that includes all relevant information, from product and pricing to legal and terms of use. There’s no need to have a separate online order form template.

What is the difference between a pricing proposal and a quote?

While pricing proposals and pricing quotes are often used as interchangeable terms, they aren’t exactly synonymous. Pricing quotes while also providing specific pricing information for your client, they also provide a great deal of context to help support the quoted price and convince the customer that your solution is the one for them.

Pricing proposals are often submitted as a result of a request for proposal or RFP. This is often done when several options are being considered alongside each other, as in the case of a bid for a government contract for example.

Are Dock’s sales order forms easy to use?

Dock makes the ordering process much simpler than typical CPQ tools. The online form builder can create an order form from any price quote with just a few clicks. From your price quote, simply click “Generate Order Form” to create a new form. The order form maker will walk you through the process and automatically fill in key form fields—no code, CSS, or HTML experience required.

Are Dock’s sales order forms customizable?

With Dock, you’ll normally start off with a price quote. You can then use the Order Form Creator to convert to a Sales Order Form as the sale progresses.

The price quote builder will create and add the quote to your Dock workspace. The tool allows you to add your products, price tables, and headings to create a visually appealing price quote to present clients with. Discounts can be added to either specific line items or the quote as a whole.

Once you’re finished, adjust layouts and easily edit and drag-and-drop sections to finalize your form design.

Can you accept payment directly with your Dock workspace?

No, we don’t accept payments directly in Dock, yet. You can send order forms with e-sign functionality included but not receive online payments directly through the platform. You’ll need a third-party payment processor like Stripe.