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Digital Sales Room Template

Streamline the B2B sales process, support your champion’s buying experience, and close deals with this digital sales room template.

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Digital Sales Room Template Walkthrough

Who this template is for

Salespeople, sales teams, and buyers who need an easy way to cooperate and share information and throughout the sales cycle. 

What this template is for

Creating an online workspace to streamline and share sales information and materials so that buyers can better champion your product within their organization.  

How to use the template

Start by connecting with your point of contact and introduce them to the DSR and the product features and sales materials it contains. Then, emphasize the role of the DSR as a space for collaboration and information sharing, focusing on the buyer’s needs and the internal processes they need to navigate. Finally, link the DSR to your final onboarding process as the deal is finalized.

What’s in this template?

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Section 1


Use the overview section to introduce points of contact and other stakeholders. Outline a plan for progressing all the way from product demo to onboarding and use it to track deal progress.

Section 2

Product Demo

This section is for hosting multimedia content to introduce potential clients to your product features, including key details and use cases. These could include demo recordings, including embedded video and links to call recordings.

Section 3

Demo Slides

In this section, embed the slides you use for additional product demo information.

Section 4

Product Deep Dive

Use this section to include relevant PDFs and summaries with detailed information about your product.

Section 5


This next section is for displaying your pricing options in a dynamic table layout.

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Section 6

Customer Service Info

This section is intended to give an overview of the kind of customer service that clients can expect with your product and a partnership with your business. This includes information on past customer satisfaction and specific services offered by your company.

Section 7

Case Studies

Include information on well-known partners and relevant case studies to create peace of mind and further demonstrate the relevant value that your product provides.

Section 8

Security & Privacy

In the final section, give important compliance information including resources on your security approach, FAQs, and data processing policies.

Why use this digital sales room template?

Dock’s digital sales room template is the most collaborative, flexible digital sales room for up-and-coming businesses. 

Dock is the only digital sales room (DSR) with project plans where both the buyer and seller can work through action items together on one easy-to-use microsite. And because clients can access with just their email, there’s no need to manage accounts or passwords. 

Dock’s modern, flexible editor allows you to easily switch around layouts, embed videos and forms, move assets, or add text with a rich-text editor. 

And with Dock templates, you can create your own company-wide templates. You can templatize a full workspace or just one section of the workspace. Dock allows you to see exactly what content your clients are accessing, what videos they’re watching, what they’re clicking on, and who’s accessing it. 

Here’s what else the digital sales room template can do for you:

Simplify the buying process for clients

  • Provide a single destination for all of the sales content relevant to closing a deal
  • Set-by-step guidance through a complicated internal buying journey
  • Simple access allowing for seamless collaboration
  • Fully integrate complex documentation into the sales process

Personalization at scale

  • Use templates that are both customizable and scalable
  • Develop templates specific to the client’s identity and needs
  • Curate specific resources personalized to each buyer
  • Balance customization with standardization to save time and effort 

Improve the sales process

  • Keep sales reps and teams in the loop throughout the buying process
  • Collect valuable information on the internal buying process
  • Track detailed engagement metrics to forecast buying interest
  • Easily make additions and customize the layout of your template to improve effectiveness

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Set up the digital sales room: What you include in your DSR depends on your business model, how your customers buy, and what stage of the buying cycle they’re in. Key elements include contact information, a mutual action plan, product reviews and demos, and technical documentation. 
  • Introduce the digital sales template to your client: Introduce the DSR after your first call and include a small demo on the concept of the DSR and how it can aid the buying process for them. Set up access and follow up with a subsequent email. Try to nudge the client back to the DSR as often as possible, emphasizing its role as a collaboration tool, rather than as a sales tool. 
  • Customize as needed: Synchronize the template's mutual action plan with the client’s internal buying process. Make additions as necessary to fit your client’s specific needs and business identity.
  • Use the same space for onboarding and beyond: After closing the deal, keep using your DSR for onboarding, implementation, and reviews. You can also link Dock’s workspace to your CRM.


What is a digital sales room?

A digital sales room (DSR) is a shared micro-site in which sellers can share sales content with buyers throughout the selling process.

How does a digital sales room enable buyers?

A digital sales room is a vital component for enabling the buying process, a specifically client-side focus for completing the deal cycle in B2B sales. 

This way of looking at B2B sales emphasizes the complex process that buying teams typically have to navigate within their own organizations. By providing a centralized, easy-to-access source for sales materials, an effective digital sales room makes it easy for buyers to buy. 

Instead of selling to buyers, the digital sales room provides information to buyers to support them on their journey as researchers and champions of your product within their organizations, setting them up for success and improving the chance of closing deals.

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