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Implementation Plan Template

Collaborate with new customers for quick and successful product implementation with this free template.

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Who this template is for

Account managers, project managers, customer success managers, and customer relationship managers (CRMs) who are responsible for implementation planning or who want to provide personal implementation guidance to customers more quickly and easily. 

What this template is for

Creating consistent implementation processes that help customers get started with your product or service—providing an all-in-one resource for all the steps and information they need. Perfect for software implementations and project implementation plans, especially where implementation goes beyond just setup and towards guiding the adoption of products into existing workflows.

How to use the template

Customize the template to the level of contact appropriate for the client. Set expectations by introducing the client to the implementation steps and informing them of the level of self-direction versus the guidance provided. Give the client clear steps and resources, highlighting key metrics and dependencies and getting using these to get buy-in from stakeholders.

What’s in this template?

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Section 1


Use the overview section to introduce the project, specify the product being implemented, and provide contact details for easy access.

Section 2

Implementation Plan

This section is for outlining the approximate timeframe for implementation and the expected completion date. This section also introduces the more detailed step-by-step guide in the following section.

Section 3

Phase One: Setup

This next section is intended for getting users through the product-setup process. Create tasks for the client to work through or action items for you to collaborate on if more hands-on guidance is required. 

Here, you can embed more instructional content, like videos or slideshows. You can also share descriptions, links, and files for each step.

Section 4

Phase Two: Smile

This section is similar to phase one, but with a focus on providing more in-depth training materials. Where the objective of phase one is product set-up, here the objective is to get clients up and running with the process in a practical, hands-on way. 

Content for this section can include tutorials, documentation, and walkthroughs.

Section 5

Getting Started Resources

Provide additional information for more specialized use cases or troubleshooting as well as follow-up information. Content here can include video courses, links, and documents.

Why use this implementation plan template?

A successful product implementation process is instrumental in keeping customers happy, ensuring they get maximum value from your product, and reducing the likelihood of churn. 

This process includes multiple steps after the sale is made, from planning to the onboarding phase and right through to future upgrades. 

Guiding your client through the various steps of implementation is a dynamic process, varying depending on the precise product, level of touch, and the client’s own needs and capabilities. 

As such, Dock’s flexible and customizable template allows you to adapt to these needs and work with the client to make changes as you go. When implementing a strategic plan it's important to align team members and key stakeholders around the implementation process. The Dock template is flexible for any implementation methodology and project management approach

Ultimately, Dock’s implementation plan template will ensure that you align your expectations with those of your client, save time and strengthen client loyalty going forward. 

Here’s what else Dock’s implementation software can do for you:

Choose the type of implementation that’s right for you and your client

  • Lay out implementation steps clearly to maintain consistent expectations throughout. 
  • Share the implementation strategy and implementation schedule.
  • Customize and adjust the process to fit your clients' needs.
  • Align the implementation team around a strategic implementation plan and major tasks.
  • Save your employees’ time, allowing them to craft custom plans to fit self-guided, enterprise, or hybrid implementation models.

Easily follow implementation best practices

  • Checklists and mutual action plans move the process forward consistently.
  • Clearly sharing information ensures that expectations are aligned.
  • Step-by-step guides and resources allow clients to work around their own schedule.
  • Keep open and consistent lines of communication.
  • Make sure the project stays within the scope outlined for that specific client.
  • Focus the project on user adoption at the end of implementation.

Create the best client experience possible

  • Keeping resources in one place makes it easier to collaborate and limits miscommunication.
  • Maintain clarity of purpose with multiple individuals across the lifespan of the project.
  • Offering a richer experience beyond just technical implementation aids in user adoption and success.
  • Execute implementation with a more professional look and feel. 
  • Make record-keeping and administration easier for everyone. 
  • Have a single space to come back to for troubleshooting and future upgrades. 

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Create an implementation roadmap and product plan: Use mutual action plans and embedded media to outline a series of tasks and milestones related to IT implementation, admin training, user permissions and tool access, change management, training, and launch.
  • Provide key resources to help customers start using your product: Reduce onboarding friction through vital onboarding tools like FAQs, product tips, integrations, common use cases, webinars, and product tours.
  • Keep contact and deepen relationships: Once your Dock implementation plan is familiar to your client, you can use the space to continue collaborating beyond product launch, keeping in contact to take on feedback, ensure that goals are met, maintain performance, and improve your chance of renewal.


What is an implementation plan?

An implementation plan is a set of steps and a timeline for executing the various parts of a project. In a B2B setting, the end goal of the implementation plan is the successful set-up, running, or use of the product or service being sold to the client.

What are the objectives of an implementation plan?

An implementation plan is supposed to clarify the sequence of tasks required to complete a project, assist in the adequate allocation of time and resources to complete the various tasks, set a clear time frame including standards for completion and success, connect the project to wider strategic goals, and maintain customer relationships and trust by ensuring that value is delivered in an efficient and transparent way.

What are the four major components of an implementation plan?

Most effective project implementation plans have at least four major components:

  1. Clearly defined goals
  2. A schedule or timeline for achieving those goals
  3. An assignment of resources and tasks
  4. Standards for communication, evaluation, handling contingencies, and “what’s next” after the project comes to a close

How do you create an implementation plan?

To create an implementation plan, aim to include the following components: 

  1. A knowledge base established through research and consultation
  2. A clear and convenient way to communicate, share resources, and provide updates
  3. An evaluation of available resources and tools
  4. Clear goals and shared aims of the project
  5. Standards for handling sensitive information, access, and permissions
  6. A timeline and set of steps to achieve the goals of the project
  7. A set of criteria to establish when those steps and goals are achieved
  8. A distribution of tasks, resources, and timeframes for each step
  9. A plan to handle unforeseen problems, failures or setbacks

For more on implementation best practices, read our complete guide to software implementation.

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