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Why Revenue Teams Love Dock

Learn how our customers are using Dock to create better sales and onboarding experiences.

Sales and customer teams at leading companies use Dock
Dock CustomersDock Customers

Dock for Sales

Sales teams use Dock to empower champions,
elevate follow-up, and close more deals.

Dock for Customer Success

Success teams use Dock to personalize onboarding at scale,
enable change management, and win more renewals.

Dock Love

Here's some of our favorite customer love.

“As a personal Dock user, if I had a prospect go over 12 views on my Dock, they had like a 97% chance of closing. It was ridiculous.

The level of Dock activity was better forecasting than being a green light in HubSpot. It was very predictable."

Andrew Hollis
Co-Founder and VP of Sales, Nectar
"We've been using Dock for almost a year now and it's been a game changer for our sales teams. It's been such a help to create templatized Docks for the masses and customized ones for specific one-offs. Alex and the team are always available to chat, respond quickly, and actually implement feedback!"
Paul Yoon
Director of Sales, Mid-Market, Marqii
“Dock has changed the way I plan and conduct onboardings and trainings for new clients. It allows them to access everything they need in one place. Love how user-friendly Dock is!”
Gal Kravetz
Customer Success Manager, Candidate.ly
"Dock helps create a great first impression with my customers. It helps organize all of the pre-sales/post-sales tasks, documents, and conversation. One customer even commented on how our proposal format really impressed them."
Pranav Piyush
Co-founder & CEO, Paramark

“I'll never forget the first time we showed Dock to a customer on our very first call. Our customer said, ‘Wow, what is this tool? If you showed this to every customer pre-sale, you'd close way more deals.’”

Brittany Soinski
Onboarding Manager, Loom
"I fell in love with first use. We were looking for the one stop solution to onboard our clients in our agency business. We did not want to use Notion or Google Forms, but were looking for more collaborative tool. I'm excited how Dock really fit all of our needs and our clients are totally happy that they can see at which stage we are."
Alex Pospekhov
CEO, Missiontech.co
"Dock has changed the follow up game. After every intro call, I send over a Dock that has tons of content, a demo video, customer success info, etc. It makes it so easy to provide the customer will all information needed. Dock is improving my deal cycles tremendously.
Nate Segal
Sales Lead, Champify
"We sell mainly to global enterprises and have countless meetings, stakeholders, etc. Being able to show content, action plans, roadmaps, etc., in one place has a lot of value as we navigate these complex conversations."
G2 Reviewer
“My ultimate goal is to reduce the time-to-value for our customers, and using Dock allows us to get the right resources into the right hands—quickly.”
Brittany Soinski
Brittany Soinski
Onboarding Lead, Loom
“The Lattice team loves Dock! The platform streamlines the buying experience and empowers our champions to make the case for our product to internal stakeholders at their companies.”
Dini Mehta
Dini Mehta
CRO, Lattice
“Our customer’s reaction to our Dock space: ‘Origin came through with the best onboarding resources I've ever seen.'”
Erin Faverty
Erin Faverty
Head of Customer Success, Origin

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