Mutual Action Plans

Guide your buyer champions.
Without that ugly spreadsheet.

Buyers don’t want to deal with spreadsheets, attachments, links, and email threads. Dock’s mutual action plans give buyers one convenient, premium-feeling workspace to collaborate on a deal.

Dock G2 Rating

To sell more, be easier to buy.

B2B sales are messy. Buyers need help managing internal stakeholders, budget approvals, and security reviews.

The mutual action plan tool that doesn’t feel like extra work.

Dock lets your customers check off tasks, leave comments, and upload files—without needing to create their own user accounts.

Assign tasks

Assign tasks to
people or teams

Multi-phase plans

Break long projects
into stages.

Automated reminders

Send task reminders
when due.

Give buyers the full picture.

Provide complete context around the deal by embedding videos, slide decks, meeting notes, and more.

Even client contacts who join late in the sales process can learn everything about your solution, where the project sits today, and what needs to happen next.

Create a repeatable sales process.

Templated action plans

Create plans in seconds with pre-made templates.

Multiple view options

Switch between List or Kanban view.

Internal-only tasks

Make internal tasks hidden from clients.

Client-facing workspaces
that customers love

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