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Customer Onboarding Template

Make your onboarding process everything your ideal customer would want, from activation to late-night product questions, and beyond.

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Key takeaways

  • Who this template is for: Customer success managers and customer relationship managers (CRMs) who want to streamline customer onboarding with no-code onboarding software.
  • What this template is for: Creating frictionless, repeatable onboarding processes that help customers understand how best to use your product or service, and where to go for help when they need it.
  • How to use the template: Start by welcoming new customers to the onboarding space, guiding them through your kick-off meeting, and providing product resources like video courses, product tours, and how-to articles. Then you can establish a clear onboarding workflow with a checklist.

What’s in this template?

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Section 1


Use the overview section to introduce the project, give a rough estimate of implementation time, and provide your contact details for easy access.

Section 2

Phase One: Setup

This section is for getting your client’s admin set up in your software. It includes a mutual action plan with a client onboarding checklist for initial software implementation—for example, installing the software, creating an automation workflow, and inviting employees.

It also includes space for embedding tutorial content such as documentation or walkthrough videos.

Section 3

Phase Two: Smile

This next section is intended for getting end users onboarded into your software after everything is installed, lightening the project management load of the client’s internal implementation team. For example, you can create tasks for employee and manager training, activating the tool, etc. 

Here, you can embed more instructional content, but this time aimed at user-level onboarding. For example, you can include a training deck for managers or a training video for end users. The idea is that your client’s admin and managers will use this content in their internal training.

Customer loyalty begins with your onboarding process. Use Dock’s customer onboarding template to build a seamless, repeatable process that empowers customers to make the most of your product.

Once you land a client, it’s all about the customer experience and making sure new clients can use your product to accomplish their goals. After all, keeping customers happy is important if you want to reduce churn and turn new users into loyal ones.

Dock’s customer onboarding template delivers the right first impression, offering a simple yet comprehensive way for customers to get the support they need when getting started with your SaaS or startup product. That way, you can increase retention while refining your onboarding process.

Here’s what else the customer onboarding template can do for you:

Foster collaboration between team members and customers

  • Provide customer support, through a single-shared onboarding space.
  • Share kickoff call notes, important workflows, and key metrics to help your customers succeed.
  • Provide a simple way for team members to follow up with new clients on their experiences with your products.
  • Share the best way for customers to access the support team when they have questions.
  • Get real-time feedback on your onboarding strategy and product. Then put that into action.

Create a smooth customer onboarding experience

  • Use transparent onboarding checklists to define workflows, align customers with your customer success team, and create a simple product walkthrough.
  • Combine self-service options with concrete customer support.
  • Provide a resource center (including a product help center, training decks, and video courses) so new clients can more easily use your product.
  • Improve welcome emails by sharing a single link to everything new clients need.
  • Make onboarding more interactive with embedded videos and articles.
  • Give customers clear direction for using your startup or SaaS product as a new client.

Integrate onboarding into your larger sales process

  • Align the customer onboarding process with company messaging and the user experience.
  • Leverage user data to upsell customers with the best options for them.
  • Use onboarding as a way to support customer retention and improve the customer journey.
  • Encourage product adoption and address retention rates.
  • Deliver a positive first impression of your company and increase your odds of cross-selling.
  • Optimize the sales process through data gathered from repeated use of the onboarding template.

First impressions can be everything when it comes to sales — especially if you want to address customer retention. That’s why automated customer onboarding software is vital for any sales team.

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Guide customers through your kick-off process: Use embeds like Google Slides to give new customers access to kick-off materials and introduce them to the onboarding process, step by step.
  • Provide key resources to help customers start using your product: Reduce onboarding friction through vital onboarding tools like FAQs, tool tips, common use cases, webinars, and product tours.
  • Outline the customer onboarding process with a checklist: Make sure your customers (and customer service team members) always know how to move forward with onboarding.
  • Get feedback on your onboarding process: Use Dock’s integrated features and analytics to see how new customers are engaging with your onboarding process, collect feedback directly from customers, and follow up.


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