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Client Portal Template

Collaborate with customers in a shared client portal with this free template.

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Client Portal Template Walkthrough

Who this template is for

CSMs, customer success team members, and project managers who work and communicate with clients on a regular basis. 

What this template is for

Fostering collaboration between customers and businesses through a shared workspace. Dock’s client portal is designed to foster a closer, more productive relationship with clients through the sharing of information and media.

How to use the template

Host everything relevant to the client relationship including contact information, a project summary and timeline, and any deliverables. Customize the layout and content of the client portal template as needed to suit the changing nature of a specific client relationship.    

What’s in this template?

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Section 1


Use this section to welcome the client to the shared space. Include information about the purpose of the space, contact details, and a preliminary action plan to guide the client through the use of the portal.

Section 2


This section is for providing information on the service or product that you will be providing to the client. Include videos and slides to give rich and engaging presentations on what kind of value you can provide to your customers. Here you can highlight additional service benefits of using the client portal.

Section 3

Client Survey

The client portal template is an interactive space for maintaining a constructive and engaging relationship with your client. As such, it’s also a great tool for getting reviews and survey information from satisfied customers. Easily embed surveys through a tool like Typeform to quickly get the feedback you’re looking for.

Section 4

Additional Resources

The client portal space is yours to develop and share with the client, so change and make additions as needed. Dock’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to choose the layout, content, and app integration that best suits you.

Why use this client portal template?

Give your clients a single destination for conducting and managing your relationship. Dock’s client portals let you gather all of the information clients need into a single, organized workspace.

It can be difficult to keep in contact with customers if you don’t have a single, shared space to do it. After all, emails can easily get lost in an inbox and no one wants to have to send and resend important project requests. These make for a bad client experience, and are needlessly time-consuming. 

If your clients don’t feel like you’re giving them the support they need, they may look elsewhere. An organized client portal can help keep them engaged with your business so they can get the most out of your startup’s product or service.

With Dock’s client portal template, you can create a space for document management that also keeps track of project progress. That way, customers can visit the workspace any time they have questions, need to provide an e-signature, or want to check to see where they’re at along the project timeline. 

All in one simple link to a secure client portal. Plus, internal teams have the power to give different permissions, like editing abilities, to the people who need them and see real-time project updates and notifications. By managing access and permissions, the Dock customer portal can also function as a self-service site for clients to help themselves, saving time and effort. 

Here’s what else the client portal template can do for you:

Continually support clients

  • Provide secure file sharing in a password-protected client portal.
  • Highlight use cases and testimonial screenshots so customers understand how your product or service might fit into their business needs.
  • Give customers a point of contact so they know who to go to whenever they have questions, even during onboarding or a 30-day trial.
  • Provide directories or a FAQ section so customers can self-serve, where appropriate.
  • Use the customer portal as a place to develop a shared knowledge base with the client. 
  • Add a link to your client portal to your site’s home page or a landing page for easy access.

Enhance your customer success plan

  • Create a login page with secure messaging so clients can trust that your company is keeping their data safe.
  • Use a client portal solution to provide transparent pricing information and context needed to increase functionality for new users.
  • Share files as they become relevant to customers so they aren’t overwhelmed.
  • Use Dock’s client portal software to see how customers are interacting with your workspace and thereby improve your sales and customer support approach.
  • Collect feedback on customer satisfaction to improve future customer support and provide case studies to potential clients. 

Focus on your business goals

  • Use customer portal engagement data to better understand your clients’ needs and desires.
  • Expand your company messaging to your customer portal and add customized white-label assets (including company fonts and logos) to ensure brand consistency.
  • Simplify your project management process so you can put more energy towards identifying opportunities to upsell existing customers or find new ones.
  • Create your portal page without having to use any HTML5/bootstrap resources.

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Provide key project details: Give clients clearly defined project objectives as well as a complete project brief so they understand exactly how it can benefit them.
  • Establish a project timeline: Keep clients on track by assigning all of the various steps of your joint project. You can also break up projects into phases, if needed.
  • Showcase your deliverables: Add a featured deliverable, including video tutorials, links, modules, or PDFs, as well as previous ones so that clients always have access to them.
  • Shape your client portal template according to your own workflow: Once you know how you want clients to interact with your project, you can make the template fit those needs, take advantage of automation to speed things up, and reuse the template. That way, you’ll spend less time on repetitive tasks. Dock also integrates with leading CRM systems.


What is a customer portal?

A customer or client portal is a shared, centralized space for sharing information and communicating between companies and clients. The space can also function as a self-service option for clients to access relevant information for themselves.

What should be included in a customer portal?

Customer or client portals should contain contact details, a summary or review of shared tasks or goals, product or service information, methods for providing feedback of various kinds, and ways for clients to communicate and share resources.

What are the benefits of a customer portal?

The benefit of using a customer portal is that they provide a swift, secure, and convenient way to collaborate, communicate, and share resources with clients. Self-serve options also take some of the strain off customer success managers and provide clients with a sense that their business is being handled in a professional way.

How do you create a client portal?

Dock’s client portal template provides a quick and easy way to develop a customer profile. The powerful interface allows for the integration and embedding of resources, apps, and extensions, easily usable and customizable using a drag-and-drop interface.

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