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Why Success Teams Love Dock

Learn how our customers use Dock to elevate their onboarding process to create a first-class customer experience.

2 hours saved
onboarding each customer

Learn how Brittany Soinski, Manager of Onboarding at Loom, uses Dock to speed up customer onboarding.

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25 minutes saved
per kickoff call

Learn how Assignar’s Global Head of Customer Success simplified onboarding for her customers.

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Stop onboarding customers
messy spreadsheets

Spreadsheets and project management tools weren’t built for collaborating with high-value customers.

Dock gives your customers a personalized guide to being successful with your product, and keeps you aligned on next steps.

Our customer’s reaction to our Dock space: 'Origin came through with the best onboarding resources I've ever seen.'

Erin Faverty
Head of Customer Success, Origin

Create a repeatable onboarding
with templated workspaces

Dock gives everyone on your team a pre-made
blueprint for onboarding a new customer.

Now, every customer gets a consistent white-glove experience — no matter who they’re working with.

Templated workspaces. Create company-wide onboarding templates that can be copied and personalized in a few clicks.

Pre-built success plans. Create templated success plans with phases, tasks, and due dates.

Smooth sales handoff. Transition customers from pre- to post-sale in one workspace.

Our team loves Dock’s templates. Everybody just copies that template and we’re speaking and doing the same things every time. Now it’s a repeatable process that can scale.

Rachel Jennings-Keane
Global Head of Customer Success, Assignar

Help customers reach quicker time
to value with self-serve resources.

Onboarding often gets slowed down with unnecessary emails and meetings.

Dock gives your customers one self-serve resource hub, so they can speed through onboarding at their own pace.

Embed content. Organize your onboarding videos, articles, forms, links, and slide decks in a logical flow.

Collaborate on project plans. Build checklists and kanban boards with action buttons, embedded content, and due date notifications.

No logins required. Customers never need to create a Dock account to access your onboarding workspace.

Save hours of admin time

onboarding each customer.

Save your team from creating slide decks, writing emails, hosting meetings, and answering questions.

One-click personalization. Create a premium-feeling experience in seconds with auto-populated customer logos and contact fields.

Gather data and requirements. Gather customer data quicker with survey forms and file upload buttons. Or embed your favorite survey tools.

Hideable sections. CSMs can reveal the next stage of onboarding in a few clicks.

With Dock, it only takes us about 10 to 20 seconds to launch a new customer. I just type in their name and we have this fully personalized template ready to go.

Brittany Soinski
Manager of Onboarding, Loom

Track onboarding engagement. 

Win more renewals.

A client’s engagement level during onboarding is a huge indicator of renewal potential.

Leverage data on who’s engaged (and who isn’t) to inform how you’ll approach the relationship.

Track activity & contacts. See which stakeholders are accessing the workspace, what they’re doing, and when.

Track onboarding progress. Dock's Internal workspace view shows task progress, form submissions, and recent activity.

Track content engagement. Dock’s content analytics let you track views and engagement with your onboarding content.

We created a resource library for our customers using Dock, and it's so useful for tracking views, downloads, and more engagement data.

Makeda Solomon
Customer Success Team Lead, Origin
Dock Templates

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Start from our pre-built onboarding plan and 
customize it to your process.

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