Dock helps companies
work better together.

Business-to-business relationships are the heartbeat of the economy.

Dock is a software platform that drives transparency and collaboration between businesses.

Dock is a collaborative workspace between two groups of people.

Think of it like a private website that hosts all the information shared between two parties.

Dock works with your favorite software—like SalesForce and HubSpot—plus we’re building native tools for specific workflows (e.g. project plans).

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We believe the power is shifting from sellers to buyers.

Buyers have more choice than ever before. Winning companies need to provide a differentiated experience to stand out from the competition.

Dock is building tools to help companies control the buyer experience.

Started by SaaS and Agency Operators

Alex, Victor, and Luc met while working at Lattice. They were early employees who helped grow the startup into a multi-billion dollar company.

While at Lattice, they built a Webflow prototype of what eventually inspired Dock. Throughout their careers, the founders were frustrated by the tools available for client-facing interactions. They tried to hack together Google Docs, Powerpoint, Asana Projects, Notion Pages, and Slack Channels to work with clients. But they knew there had to be a better way.

That’s why they started Dock: to create purposeful software for external company relationships.

Backed by Leading
Investors and Operators

Dock has raised millions to fund the
development of its software platform.

Jack Altman
CEO, Lattice
Craft Ventures
Operator Collective
Zach Perret
CEO, Plaid
Shaan Puri
Host, My First Million Podcast
Vlad Magdalin
CEO, Webflow
Ben Braverman
Flexport Fund
Doug Pepper
Partner, ICONIQ