Client Portal Software

Organize everything for your customers in one place.

Dock’s client portals help you deliver a white-glove customer experience that wins more renewals.

Manage projects, share files, embed dashboards, track engagement, and sign renewals in one collaborative workspace.

Sales and customer teams at leading companies use Dock
Dock CustomersDock Customers

Customized to
your process.

Most portal tools are one-size-fits-all. Dock doesn’t lock you in to one portal format.

Our flexible workspace editor lets you customize portal sections and pages to fit the nuances of your customer relationships.

Customized to
your brand.

White-label your customer portals with your logo, banner, brand colors, website domain, and more.

See how teams customize
their Workspaces ↓
Onboarding Portals
Digital Sales Rooms
Digital Sales Rooms
Make it your own in
minutes with simple settings

Personalized for
each customer.

Launch a new client portal in seconds from a standardized company template.

Then instantly personalize the portal with auto-populated customer fields and logos.

Keep clients aligned with
collaborative project plans.

Unlike other project management tools, Dock is designed specifically for collaborating with customers.

Multi-phase project plans Manage tasks with checklists and kanban boards.

Timelines Summarize project tasks, statuses, and deadlines.

Context-rich tasks Add links, embeds, and files to each task

Relative due dates Auto-populate
task due dates relative to the start
or end of a project.

Task notifications Remind customers when upcoming tasks are due.

Share deliverables and
get client feedback.

Embed whatever tools you’re already using and get client feedback directly in your Dock workspace.

Embed anything Share PDFs, images, links, and embeds.

Send surveys Use Dock’s built-in forms or embed your favorite survey tool.

Collect files Add file upload buttons to your tasks and forms.

Centralize communication Get client feedback directly in your Dock space.

Share securely Email gate your portal by user or domain.

Connect to Slack Send workspace notifications to shared Slack channels.

Embed your
favorite tools

Loom, Gong, Zoom, Typeform, Google,
Wistia, Pandadoc... and anything else

Save everyone time by
helping customers self-serve.

Create a personalized knowledge base for each customer, so they always know where to get their questions answered.

Share resources Organize links, guides, and contact information.

Sync content Push content updates to several portals at once.

Hide workspace sections Unveil portal sections as they become relevant.

Track customer engagement.
Win more renewals.

Learn which customers are most engaged, and who needs more attention before it’s time to renew.

Share reports Embed data and
dashboards with context.

Track engagement Track which client contacts are engaging with your portal.

Share proposals Create pricing tables and quotes.

Sign renewals Sign order forms and
collect esignatures directly in Dock.

Customer teams love Dock

Dock Customer Loom
"Dock has changed the follow up game. After every intro call, I send over a Dock that has tons of content, a demo video, customer success info, etc. It makes it so easy to provide the customer will all information needed. Dock is improving my deal cycles tremendously.
Erin Faverty
Erin Faverty
Head of Customer Success, Origin
“The Lattice team loves Dock! The platform streamlines the buying experience and empowers our champions to make the case for our product to internal stakeholders at their companies.”
Dini Mehta
Dini Mehta
CRO, Lattice
Dock Customer Loom
"We've been using Dock for almost a year now and it's been a game changer for our sales teams. It's been such a help to create templatized Docks for the masses and customized ones for specific one-offs. Alex and the team are always available to chat, respond quickly, and actually implement feedback!"
Brittany Soinski
Paul Yoon
Director of Sales, Mid-Market, Marqii