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Fundraise Data Room Template

Run your next fundraise with Dock. Share your pitch deck, recorded videos and more with investors.

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Key takeaways

  • Who this template is for: Founders and entrepreneurs looking to raise capital for their company or startup.
  • What this template is for: Creating a secure, virtual data room (VDR) to house all of the information you need to aid in the fundraising process.
  • How to use the template: Add a quick company summary, startup pitch deck, product demo., dashboards and more.

What’s in this template?

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Dock’s fundraise data room template gives you a place to collect all of the necessary due diligence information for investors. 

Due diligence is a critical step for landing investors. But to prove your startup is ready to take the next step, you need to have tons of information ready to go — from your pitch deck, to your cap table, to other sensitive information about your company. And you can’t just send prospective investors Dropbox screenshots, Google Drive files, and links to various accounts, many of which require different logins. 

After all, your fundraising process should reflect how you do business, and it pays to make a good impression.

Dock’s virtual data room template solves this problem by providing you with a single workspace to house all of your fundraising data. And yes: You can password protect it, so your intellectual property is still protected.

Here’s what else the fundraise data room template can do for you:

Align company leaders with other stakeholders

  • Provide your board of directors with a link to your fundraising strategy for transparency.
  • Get input from relevant team members to provide the most useful and powerful company data.
  • Send advisors a link to your fundraising data room for valuable feedback before you start the process.

Streamline the fundraising process

  • Use the workspace to improve ease of use for private equity and portfolio companies during fundraising.
  • Keep sensitive data password-protected, yet accessible.
  • Duplicate your template to simplify your fundraising workflow.
  • Give interested venture capital investors quick access to financial statements, your capitalization table, product pricing information, projections, and your term sheet.

Iterate on your fundraising strategy

  • Use results and feedback to make changes to your fundraising data room.
  • Set up an A/B test for your customized template to increase your funding odds.
  • Update your fundraising data as you move from early-stage investors to closing in on your IPO.

Investors need to know that you’re ready to take the next step with your startup. A well-organized data room is the best way to tell investors the story of your company — from the founding story through your forecasted year ahead — with data.

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Add key data for the due diligence process: Create an investment data room, complete with everything from articles of incorporation to your business plan to other company documents, and more.
  • Contextualize your data: Give prospective investors the chance to see how your company is doing with customer feedback and other company information that showcases the traction you’ve gained.
  • Make it easy to invest: By housing the information in one link, and providing a CTA at the end for those who are interested, you can simplify the fundraising process.
  • Use Dock’s built-in features to improve your fundraising process with each potential investor: See how people are engaging with your startup data room and get direct comments to iterate on your process.


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