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Design Proposal Template

Create a convincing design proposal using Dock’s free template. Share design proposals in a single link with dynamic embeds like Figma.

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Design Proposal Template Walkthrough

Who this template is for

The design proposal template is designed for graphic designers, front-end developers, graphic design agencies, and freelancers. Dock’s free template lets you create engaging and professional-looking design proposals that will win over prospective customers interested in your company’s design services.

What this template is for

Use this workspace template to create a collaborative space you can use to develop the design vision for each one of your clients, from web design to logo design and more. Streamline your own development process and project a professional, well-organized workflow that your clients will love.

How to use the template

Start by providing a high-level overview of the project proposal and introducing the primary point of contact. From there, use the provided space to highlight how your work can benefit new clients, what your process is, and examples of past work using a variety of available embeds. The remaining sections allow you to provide an example action plan and introduce key team members and pricing plans. Dock’s workspaces are highly customizable, so feel free to add and remove sections to make each proposal as relevant as possible to potential clients.

What’s in this template?

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Section 1


Use the overview section to provide a high-level summary of the project and an introduction to the platform. There’s also space to provide a short introduction to the primary point of contact for the project, contact information, and a book meeting link.

Section 2

Why Choose Us

This section provides the opportunity to explain how your company is best suited to complete this project for the customer. In this section, it pays off to do your homework and target the content to each potential client’s unique challenges and pain points. There’s also space here to link out to external resources like a case study or embed examples of successful design projects completed for previous clients in similar industries.

Section 3


This section lets you pull back the curtain and provide a glimpse of what working with your company is like. Most prominently, you can create a project timeline using the mutual action plan feature to provide a rough schedule of deliverables. There is also space to embed loom videos, slides, or images to help give more context related to how your company works.

Section 4

Pricing Table

An important part of any business proposal, provide a full line-by-line pricing breakdown in this section or showcase multiple pricing packages to potential clients in one space. The clean design of Dock’s pricing tables clearly presents proposed pricing with space to provide a description for each line item and any available discounts. Best of all, totals are automatically tallied up for you.

Section 5

Our Team

Use this section to introduce each member of your production team to prospective clients. You can take advantage of embedded media like videos or slideshows to help highlight the special skills and experience of key members that will be working on the design project. Help create a human connection between your team and theirs in your project proposal.

Section 6

Get Started

Finally, end each proposal with a well-placed and to-the-point call to action. This is the ideal space to ask your potential customer to reach out with further questions. Create an interactive space where potential customers can leave comments or questions, or simply leave your contact information to allow customers to follow up.

Why use this design proposal template?

Cut down on the time spent writing proposals. Streamline your graphic design proposal process with this free template from Dock. With the design proposal template, you can quickly develop and send out a winning proposal with a number of interactive features to engage and answer all your client’s problems. Create a beautiful business proposal template for 

Best of all, the project proposal template can be refined and reused again and again with sections tailored to the unique needs of each prospective client. New sections can easily be added or edited, allowing your team to create iterations customized to closely match different project types. Create a business proposal template for specific use cases like website design or social media graphics, and more.

The Dock workspace has been designed to replace the many disparate tools traditionally used throughout the design proposal process. Instead of sending emails back and forth with numerous attachments or links to Dropbox or Google Drive that can easily be lost over time, Dock provides a single, dedicated work hub. From a single link, prospects can view and reference information about your company, view examples of your work, and gain a greater understanding of how you operate.

Dock workspaces are easy to use and offer a huge range of embeddable content from Figma to videos, images, and slideshows to help make your proposal stand out. On the backend, the platform provides robust analytics so you gain a better understanding of how each client views your content. 

Easily see how many times different pieces of content in your proposal have been viewed and by which key stakeholders in your prospect’s company. Your team can use this data to further improve processes to create even more successful design proposals.

Here’s what else the design proposal template can do for you:

Showcase your business in the best possible light

  • Present potential clients with a sleek, interactive, and professional-looking proposal.
  • Customize each section of the design proposal to better answer the unique needs of each client.
  • Provide full details on your company’s past experiences and specializations.
  • Show off examples of your best work in vivid detail using embedded videos, images, or slideshows.

Continually improve the proposal process

  • Use the mutual action plan feature to keep teams on both sides of the transaction on task and on budget.
  • Introduce versions of the proposal template specific to the niche needs of different industries and markets.
  • Provide your design project prospects with everything they need to make their decision from a single link.
  • Use Dock’s built-in analytics data to review how clients use your workspace. Take this data into consideration when revising and improving business processes.

Stay a step ahead of the competition

  • Introduce embedded media into your proposal to help it stand out.
  • Take advantage of real-time communication features to contact prospects and answer questions.
  • Include everything prospective clients need to make their final decisions in one place, such as pricing tables and examples of past projects.
  • Create a real, human connection with potential clients from the proposal stage with company bios and embedded videos.

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Share important project details with interactive and engaging features: Take advantage of Dock’s supremely customizable platform and many third-party integrations to create a presentation that wows. Include all pertinent project information you need to complete the sale in one place, from example deliverables to project timelines, cost breakdowns, to past client testimonials.
  • Showcase your best work: Use the design proposal template’s numerous embeddable features to display your work in the best possible light to make your potential client’s decision an easy one. Edit each section of the template so they are closely tailored to the specific challenges faced by your customer.
  • Keep everyone organized: Provide a single link to both team members and potential customers to ensure all project assets are easily accessible in one place. The mutual action plan is also a great tool to ensure deliverables and important project milestones are met. Tasks in the mutual project plan can be assigned to team members on either side of the transaction, complete with due dates and task notes, updated in real-time.
  • Communication and collaboration made easy: The design proposal templates on-platform communication tools make collecting and actioning feedback a snap. Team profiles include contact information that makes it easy for clients to get their questions to the right person. Dock’s robust backend analytics data can be used to track how the proposal is being viewed and by whom so you time your follow-up perfectly.


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