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Design Proposal Template

Share design proposals in a single link with dynamic embeds like Figma.

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Business proposal template for design agencies and freelancers to share with potential clients. This project proposal template is more than just a PDF. It will change how you interact with new clients.

Why customers use this template

  • Embed Figma files, PDFs, Videos, Adobe  and more
  • Outline the client's problem with an executive summary
  • Perfect for any design project including website design, graphic design, logo design, social media templates, e-commerce, interior design and more
  • Share links to case studies and testimonials
  • Showcase your design services from web design to graphic design for new clients
  • Easy to share deliverables in one place
  • Share the project timeline with action plans
  • Explain pricing options to prospective clients
  • Duplicate this business proposal template for new clients
  • Share the team members who will work on the project


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