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SaaS Proposal Template

Use Dock’s dynamic SaaS proposal templates to easily design and share more professional proposals with clients at scale.

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SaaS Proposal Template Walkthrough

Who this template is for

Ideal for sales teams and salespeople, this template is a big time saver when crafting that perfect SaaS sales proposal. Dock’s proposal software provides a comprehensive and customizable structure for organizing all of the necessary business proposal information in one place.

What this template is for

This software sales proposal template makes it simple to create a proposal that is both clear and organized, improving the sales process and helping to close deals. Dock puts all relevant deal information in one place, making it very accessible to all parties. It’s intended to be a comprehensive resource for clients that can be tailored to fit the needs of any business or industry.

How to use the template

Each Saas Proposal should be customized for each client. Completing in-depth research into your client is step number one. Then it’s time to introduce yourself and what you’re proposing. Your client will want to know how you can help solve their specific problem, so keep this problem top of mind. Dock’s workspace makes this snap by making it easy to present supporting documents to back up your value proposition, including pricing options, terms and conditions, and case studies. Linked calls to action will help you seal the deal. Once the deal closes, easily get the required electronic signatures with our integrated Order Forms.

What’s in this template?

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Section 2


The overview section is the ideal place to introduce both your company and how you can best address the specific challenge of your prospective client. There’s space to provide an executive summary, highlight key points about your product or service, introduce yourself or key team members, and provide contact information. There’s even a space to provide a mutual action plan to keep everyone accountable and maintain sound project management.

Section 2


This section is an ideal space to highlight your SaaS product or service using a variety of embedded media, including slides, demo videos, and more. It’s vital to highlight specific features of your product and demonstrate how it meets the specific needs and challenges your client faces. Dock’s features make it easy to demonstrate value with eye-catching visuals.

Section 3

Demo Slides

Demo sides are your chance to really make your product resonate with your client. You want to make the challenges and use cases presented in the slides as personal and specific to your client’s unique needs. Dock’s suite of included integrations makes it simple to create brilliant demos to demonstrate functionality on platforms like Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides or Docs and effortlessly bring them into your shared workspace.

Section 4

Pricing Options

Present your different SaaS packages in a visually appealing and easy-to-read format. This section allows you to present different pricing plans along with the primary features of each level, price (per month, per annum, or flat rate), and any discounts available. Dock even allows you to highlight a popular or recommended tier to your client.

Section 5

Pricing Table

This section allows you to zero in on the pricing proposal and recommended SaaS tier and services for the specific client you are courting. The table design’s clean layout lets you provide full details and price breakdowns of several different tier levels at once. Dock provides options to showcase discounts at different tier levels as well as subtotals and totals, effectively laying out all required information needed during the consideration stage.

Section 6

Case Studies

What better way to demonstrate the effectiveness of your SaaS product than to showcase the successes of past clients? This section allows you to do just that - with Dock’s extensive suite of integrated services. Use a mix of testimonial videos, photography, statistics, slides, and more to make your product shine!

Section 7

Customer Service

This section is ideal for demonstrating your company’s commitment to customer service. Here you can list the support and resources available to each of your customers, from a library of self-help guides or dedicated customer success managers to individualized training webinars. Dock even allows you to embed from third-party review sites like G2 or Google Business for additional social proof.

Section 8


SaaS companies often have to collect and store sensitive information from their clients. This section lets you ease your client’s concerns by demonstrating your commitment to security. Showcase the regional standards for data protection your company complies with while also providing links to useful resources like privacy policies and security documentation.

Why use this SaaS proposal template?

To be successful, a SaaS business needs to be able to move quickly. Dock’s SaaS proposal template allows Saas companies to streamline their sales workflow and increase automation while ensuring consistent quality each time it’s used. It pays to quickly produce a review-ready proposal before the competition does. It can make all the difference.

Dock’s free SaaS proposal templates will prove themselves time and time again to be an indispensable addition to your sales team’s toolkit. The template is highly customizable and can quickly and easily be personalized for each prospective client, helping to close the sale quickly.

Personalization is key to winning over even the most stubborn clients. In today’s crowded and competitive marketplace, it isn’t enough to simply outline your product’s best features. You need to effectively engage potential customers and demonstrate how your product can solve their unique problems. Dock’s SaaS proposal templates provide the tools to speak directly to your client’s pain points.

The value of Dock’s SaaS proposal template doesn’t end once a proposal is submitted to the client. The platform’s unique analytics tools allow you to monitor who has accessed your proposal and which sections your prospects have read. You’ll be able to see which sections may need additional attention, allowing your team to craft the perfect follow-up.

Here’s what else the SaaS proposal template can do for you:

Provide the necessary information so your value proposition lands

  • Displays the unique benefits and value of your SaaS solution in the best possible light, helping to win over clients.
  • Dock’s suite of native integrations and clean layout provide plenty of tools to help you demonstrate the effectiveness of your product or service.
  • What better tool to persuade on-the-fence clients than examples from actual clients? Use customer testimonials and case studies to back up your claims.

Speed up the sales process

  • Take advantage of a proven layout that is clean and professional looking.
  • Present your SaaS product or service in a clear and organized structure.
  • Respond quickly to a request for proposal (RFP) and make sure all the necessary pieces of a winning pitch are there, every time.
  • Creating a fresh proposal for each pitch takes time. With a SaaS proposal template, you can plug in fresh information and data to submit your proposal faster to get the required sign-off.
  • Final sign-off is easy too with integrated esignature services

Improve implementation and delivery after the deal is closed

  • Avoid future misunderstandings by providing clear terms and conditions at the outset.
  • Clearly lay out timelines, deliverables, and key milestones so your clients know exactly what to expect.
  • Provide a definition of the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders on both sides of the transaction, ensuring a smooth implementation.
  • Create a clear plan of action that all parties can agree upon, avoiding many future conflicts and ensuring the project will be completed on schedule.

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Create professional and well-organized SaaS proposals: Use the SaaS proposal template to create high-quality proposals that effectively communicate the details and main selling features of your SaaS product or service.
  • Empower your champion with sales resources: Help persuade potential customers with a dynamic presentation that includes demo recordings, case studies, and testimonials.
  • Establish clear and agreed-upon terms and conditions: Ensure everyone is on the same page by presenting all expectations and responsibilities centrally for easy accessibility.
  • Clearly communicate their value proposition: Effectively demonstrate the ways their product or service can meet the unique challenges of each potential client.


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