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Branding Proposal Template

Make your branding proposal stand out from the crowd with a dynamic and interactive presentation using Dock’s free branding proposal template.

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Branding Proposal Template Walkthrough

Who this template is for

Brand design agencies, freelance graphic designers, marketing agencies, and other brand design professionals or branding agencies looking for an edge when offering branding services to companies. 

What this template is for

Create a winning business proposal using embedded video, images, slide decks, or Figma files. Showcase your design and branding skills in vivid detail and demonstrate how you’ll take a company’s branding to the next level with a professional proposal!

How to use the template

Start by introducing the template, yourself and providing full contact information. From there you can present a fully fleshed-out and dynamic proposal that includes a pricing breakdown, a space for design deliverables, brand guidelines, and a project plan. To cap it off, this template provides a space to collect customer feedback as well as a portfolio to show off your best work.

What’s in this template?

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Section 1


This space is ideal for introducing the main goals of the proposal while also offering an opportunity to introduce yourself or your agency, as well as provide full contact information.

Section 2

Pricing Tables

Use this section to present your proposed pricing in a dynamic, fully responsive, and easy-to-read table layout. Include a fully itemized breakdown of your proposal’s pricing with the ability to add notes for each line item.

Section 3


Provide further detail and relevant examples of the type of service you’ll be providing to the potential client. Take advantage of a variety of dynamic embedded media to win over on-the-fence clients, including slide decks, images, video, and more. It’s best to choose examples most relevant to each client when possible.

Section 4

Brand Guidelines

Well-defined brand guidelines are pivotal to ensuring a brand is represented consistently across different marketing channels, from social media to business cards. Use this section to provide proposal samples of brand guidelines you’ve created for past clients, using an embedded slideshow or pdf. This material can easily be referenced by both sides of the transaction.

Section 5

Project Plan

Here’s your chance to provide a well-thought-out project timeline plan so your client will know when to expect project milestones to be delivered. Dock’s interactive project plans can be updated in real-time and assigned to team members on either side of the transaction. Each task can include due dates, notes, files, and rich-text comments.

Section 6

Customer Survey

Collect valuable client data for each proposal that you submit. Dock allows you to easily embed a survey or form to get input or feedback on the design project or your company in general. Keep on top of what’s working and what isn’t so you can make your branding proposal process the best that it can be.

Section 7


Sometimes the best way to sell a potential customer on your services is by demonstrating your past successes in creating strong brands. In this space, you can embed images, videos, pdfs, slides, and more to show off the amazing projects you’ve already completed for past clients.

Why use this branding proposal template?

So, you’ve received a request for a proposal. Now what?

Dock provides an invaluable tool to help you with the process of creating a branding proposal while streamlining the process. The branding proposal template takes a lot of the menial work related to creating a proposal off your plate, so you can focus on wowing prospective clients with your design proposal.

You won’t have to start from square one with each proposal request. Dock’s branding proposal template creates a tested starting point that can be reused over and over again and customized for specific use cases, such as rebranding. You’ll have the speed-to-client of a fully templated proposal while still being able to quickly and easily customize it for each use.

Best of all, Dock provides useful analytics data from the backend, so you’ll be able to track exactly how clients are viewing and using the content in each proposal. You can then use this data to craft the perfect follow-up and further improve and streamline your company’s proposal process.

Here’s what else the branding proposal template can do you for:

Provide the information & examples needed to convince key decision-makers

  • Display all pricing and package information upfront
  • Lay out a detailed timeline so clients know when to expect deliverables
  • Provide relevant design and branding examples that can be easily shared & distributed
  • Supply a single link where decision-makers can access everything they need to make their decision
  • Make follow-up easy by providing contact information front and center

Easily collaborate with each potential customer

  • Mutual action plans keep both sides of the transaction on schedule
  • Get real-time feedback from clients so that proposed deliverables can be quickly revised
  • Quickly collect and track feedback through customer surveys

Streamline your proposal process

  • Create and submit proposals to clients quicker and with less hassle
  • Develop versions for specific use cases
  • Collect use data and client feedback to make our branding proposal process even more efficient
  • Avoid meaningful back-and-forth exchanges with clients by presenting everything in one central location 

A creative brand identity or brand strategy project proposal process is rarely a one-time submit and approve situation. To truly get to the heart of what a client has envisioned for their brand, requires some back-and-forth collaboration and revision. Dock’s branding proposal template provides an effective and efficient centralized hub for all creative materials and communication. With your Dock workspace, you can avoid the endless mess of email chains, attachments, Trello boards, and proposal links—allowing you to focus on what really matters.

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Provide a project summary and clear contact information: Succinctly introduce the project and your company while providing relevant contact information front and center.
  • Collect and present the important information stakeholders need: Pricing tables, deliverables, and branding guidelines - all essential information for making a final decision - can be easily accessed and referenced.
  • Communicate and collaborate with clients in the shared workspace. From a single link, potential customers can view revised deliverables, ask questions and leave comments as needed and take advantage of on-platform messaging. Cut down on the back and forth to more quickly zero in on exactly the proposal each client is looking for and final approval faster.


What is a brand proposal?

A brand proposal is a document (or an interactive workspace in Dock’s case) that is submitted by a freelance designer, marketer, or agency to a potential client, usually upon request. The primary purpose of the brand proposal is to convince potential clients to hire you by providing detail on how your services would effectively represent their unique visual identity.

How do you write a brand proposal?

The best and most effective brand proposals are those that speak directly to the needs and pain points of the potential client. With that in mind, it’s important to properly research each client so you can tailor your approach and create a proposal that truly represents what they need in a branding project.

What does a branding proposal include?

There isn’t a single method to writing an effective brand design proposal but there are certainly common elements that will help your proposal result in a client sign off. A few essential sections include a project overview and basic scope of the project, fees or pricing structure, a proposed timeframe for completion, and information about your team along with contact information.

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