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B2B Sales Template

Transform the sales experience by sharing personalized spaces with your clients.

Use template

Dock's B2B sales template helps sales reps engage buyers throughout the sales process from demo to signature.

Dock makes it easier for B2B buyers to make a purchasing decision. Instead of getting lost in emails, b2b buyers always know where to go when they need something and have the resources they need to convince decision makers. With mutual action plans, Dock empowers salespeople to guide your champion throughout the sales cycle.

Why sales leaders love Dock

Dock helps sales leadership build a repeatable b2b sales process. As companies hire more reps, sales leaders need a system to create a repeatable selling process to potential customers. This is a key part to any b2b sales strategy. 

  • Get insight into the sales pipeline and decision making across the sales funnel. Dock analytics tells you which b2b buyers are engaged and who is wasting your time. 
  • Share learnings across the sales team to refine your sales strategy 

Featured content

  • Embed your sales pitch (Powerpoint, Google Slides, etc.) and demo video
  • Link to case studies, social media shoutouts on LinkedIn or whatever you typically share in a  sales cycle
  • Guide key stakeholders with mutual action plans throughout the buying process  
  • Share pricing options

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Designed for B2B companies who want to build a repeatable selling process
  • Shorten b2b sales cycles by making it easier for decision makers to understand your product and show that you understand their pain points. Embed everything from product screenshots to Loom videos to pitch decks 
  • Execute sales strategy across the b2b sales team with a repeatable template that brings your sales process to life
  • Give the marketing team insight into what you're actually sharing with prospects so the product marketers and sales enablement  can refine your sales approach.
  • Flexible template designed for b2c sales or b2b sales organizations
  • Analytics and notifications make sure sales professionals are spending time with the company's ideal customer profile and not wasting time with bad leads
  • Automation with CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc) and other sales tools (coming soon)

Dock Features

Dock gives you the tools to transform the customer experience.

Track engagement

Understand when someone views the space and what content they care about

Get feedback

Customers share what they think via comments

Dynamic plans

Create dynamic project plans that help customers stay on track.

Secure sharing

Add password protection to spaces.

Duplicate spaces

Copy work from customer to customer in a single click.

Rich text editor

Add whatever text you want and customize to fit your needs.

Optimized for mobile

Looks good on IOS and Android devices

Custom branding

Add your logo, customer logos and custom banners.

Embeded content

Add everything from images to pdfs to links. Embed your favorite software from Figma to Google Slides to Youtube.

Dock apps integration