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B2B Sales Template

Transform the B2B sales experience by sharing personalized spaces with your clients using this free template.

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B2B Sales Template Walkthrough

Who this template is for

B2B sales representatives, sales teams, and sales leaders looking for a single space to share buyer-focused materials and resources.

What this template is for

Creating shared, customizable spaces to share with customers that allow for communication and collaboration through the entire lifecycle of a buyer-focused sales process.

How to use the template

Start by introducing your potential customers to the shared space, walking them through the components with a focus on communication, relationship building, and finding how the client’s needs and your value offering may align. 

You can also use the template as a way to move the sales process forward in a systematic and clear way that can both be customized to fit the client’s value potential to your own business and implemented at scale within your own organization to standardize the process across multiple sales efforts.

What’s in this template?

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Section 1


Use the overview section to introduce your product with a brief CTA or value pitch. Provide contact details and a summary of the resources to follow.

Section 2-4

Product Information

This section is for presenting pitch materials that highlight the use cases and value of your product. Slide decks, videos, and PDFs can be used to present engaging overviews or detailed information on your product.

Section 5

Pricing Options

Use Dock’s dynamic pricing table to introduce your product and pricing options to the client. Matching your product or services to your client’s budget is obviously a vital part of the sales process. This section can also include additional resources like sample contracts.

Section 6

Customer Service Information

This section is for outlining the forms of customer service you provide as well as information on your customer satisfaction ratings with other clients.

Section 7

Customer Case Studies

This section can include links to detailed accounts from satisfied customers and information on well-known clients. As an extension of your value offering, case studies offer a powerful illustration of exactly how your product can address a customer’s specific use cases.

Section 8

Security and Privacy

In the final section, give important compliance information including resources on your security approach, FAQs, and data processing policies.

Why use this B2B sales template?

The B2B sales process has changed. Modern B2B sales models now call for a variety of steps and techniques focusing on building relationships and collaborating with buyers, rather than simply selling to them in a more one-sided and adversarial way.

Dock’s B2B sales template allows you to build a space to share rich and engaging sales materials and resources with all stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the sales process. Use multiple and varied media formats suited to each type of information, your client’s needs, and your own sales culture. 

Dock’s flexible template system allows you to collaborate on and customize your sales deck easily and then implement these as standard models at scale if needed. 

And once you land a client, you can continue developing your relationship with the customer and improving their experience by seamlessly transitioning your sales process into the post-sales steps like onboarding and implementation

Here’s what else the B2B sales template can do for you:

Create flexible sales plans that match your strategy and client profiles

  • Craft a sales deck suited to your specific sales methodology or framework.
  • Personalize the process through a variety of rich media formats.
  • Easy-to-copy and customizable templates allow you to implement at scale.
  • Collaborative spaces enable closer relationships and understanding of clients.
  • Tailor each template to fit the client profile, managing time spent for optimizing return on your sales budget. 

Foster collaboration between sales, product, and customer experience teams

  • Easily share KPIs and client information between internal stakeholders. 
  • Allow members of different departments to collaborate in the same space. 
  • Give product and customer experience teams easy access and input in the sales process.
  • Create a buyer-focused culture that brings together multiple stakeholders to understand and solve your client’s pain points.

Maintain effective relationships beyond the sale

  • Use the Dock space that you share with clients to maintain open communication after the deal is closed.
  • Optimize the space as a lead-in to your onboarding, implementation, and support processes.
  • Provide in-depth information that your customer can find and access as needed to speed up and improve the value they derive from your product. 
  • Clearly set expectations, demonstrate value, and project competence and professionalism to build customer loyalty and improve retention. 

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Put your best foot forward and set the tone early: Dock’s professional and easy-to-use interface provides the best first impression to improve sales success. Overviews and to-do lists set expectations and take a lot of the uncertainty out of the process for potential clients.
  • Provide key resources to empower buyers: Smooth the buying process for your customer by providing a one-stop space for all the information they might need about your product including FAQs, case studies, product explainers and tours, and documentation.
  • Keep the process on track with checklists and action plans: Make sure your sales representatives and customers always know how to move the process forward from sales through to onboarding and beyond.


What are B2B sales?

Business-to-business (or B2B) sales describes the process of one company selling products or services to another company. Or, in other words, B2B sales are when a business sells products or services to another business.

What is the difference between B2B and B2C?

Where “B2B” stands for business-to-business, “B2C” stands for business-to-customer. “B2C sales” refers to the sales process from businesses to individual customers (i.e. not other businesses). B2C sales are normally more marketing-driven and self-serve, with the exception of high-ticket items like vehicles.

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