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Client Project Management Template

Collaboration software designed to keep everyone aligned to reach project goals.

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Client Project Management Template Walkthrough

Who this template is for

Project managers, development teams, CSMs, and other project team members who work directly with clients and are looking for a central client-facing project hub to more effectively guide a project to completion.

What this template is for

Collaborating more efficiently with customers on joint projects and improving the project management process by templating standard steps. Dock’s client project management template is designed to bring together all the pieces of a project together in one convenient, central location.

How to use the template

Provide your clients an overview of the project’s purpose, as well as a main point of contact. Then you can add a project summary, brief, and timeline, as well as deliverables. Throughout the course of the project, the template can be updated to demonstrate the progress that has been made, and which project milestones have been achieved.

What’s in this template?

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Section 1


This section is an ideal and highly visible space to introduce yourself, the scope of the project, and a little bit about the way you work with each client. There’s space for you to include contact information and a photo of the salesperson or project manager, along with a link to book a meeting for that added touch of personalization.

Section 2


Clearly lay out the scope of the project in a prime position near the top of the page. In this section, you can list the project’s key deliverables and even embed a downloadable project brief in PDF form. Having a project’s scope clearly laid out in a visible and central place can help to keep projects on time and avoid conflict or misunderstandings.

Section 3


Lay out the expected timeline of completed deliverables or project milestones. Clients can use this section to see exactly when a project will be completed and view the real-time status of each task. Project managers can assign tasks to individuals on either side and include due dates and notes for each task.

Section 4

Featured Deliverables

In this section, project managers can highlight the most recent project features or deliverables that were completed. Dock provides tools to embed various media to help companies effectively display aspects of a project as they are completed.

Section 5

Previous Deliverables

Present past deliverables or project milestones that have previously been completed. This section is ideal for highlighting all the great work that has already gone into a project, demonstrating the progress that has been made in the project. Clients can go back to review any previously completed task.

Project management requires dealing with a lot of moving parts. But if you want to keep your clients happy, you need to make sure they don’t get lost in the noise. Dock’s project management software keeps everything organized, so clients can stay on track.

Gantt charts. Kanban boards. Time tracking for billable hours. Trello workspaces. Excel spreadsheets. Slack messages. Client updates. Jira feedback. Milestones. Due dates. There’s a lot that goes into managing projects, especially successful ones. And while it may be important to both you and the customer to achieve the project goals, no one wants to deal with a barrage of emails, PDFs, and links.

That’s where Dock’s client project management template comes in handy. With this collaboration tool, you can organize all of that information into one, convenient place, and invite customers to collaborate more easily.

Here’s what else the client project management template can do for you:

Boost your customer success

  • Provide a secure client portal for file sharing inside of an interactive, password-protected dashboard.
  • Keep a clear project timeline so clients can easily track progress.
  • Take advantage of app integrations, like Figma and Google Slides, to showcase your company’s work as you move through key milestones.
  • Align team members and CRMs around each project to increase teamwork, track projects, and focus on resource management.

Speed up your projects

  • Set up intuitive workflows and transparent task lists.
  • Make team collaboration easier by providing a single workspace for each project.
  • Assign project steps and subtasks, like approvals from stakeholders, freelancer tasks, or invoicing, and minimize waiting periods.
  • Use project templates to quickly spin up unlimited projects inside a proven methodology, complete with approved company messaging.

Give clients everything they need to succeed

  • House all of the necessary content for agile teams to complete dependencies inside of a user-friendly project management platform.
  • Give customers comment permissions, and get notifications when they do, to smooth out the task management process.
  • Include pricing information, where relevant, so clients can more easily make purchasing decisions.
  • Use real-time feedback on customer use of the project management tool to refine your project strategy and increase the functionality of the workspace.
  • Provide transparent timesheets so clients understand how things are progressing inside the collaborative environment.

Clients can get frustrated if it feels like they aren’t making enough progress on a complex project. The best project management software will reassure them on the long journey to completing a project and make everything they need easily accessible.

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Add your project details: Outline the project objectives and provide a clear project brief so clients know exactly what to expect.
  • Create a clear project timeline: Assigning every step of your joint project so clients know who is responsible for what. And break up projects into phases so it’s easier for customers to appreciate progress, even on long-term projects.
  • Live up to your promises: Include a featured deliverable plus all previous ones so that clients can access them at all times.
  • Use the client project management template to streamline your workflow: Use customer feedback to shape the template and add custom fields so the project planning and work management processes are simplified for future customers.


What is client project management?

Simply put, client project management refers to everything that goes into effectively managing the tasks and deliverables within a project, ensuring they are delivered both on time and on budget. This can be an increasingly important part of projects as they grow in size and complexity.

What are the benefits of using project management software?

In any project, there are bound to be numerous moving parts. The more complex a project, the more moving parts there are likely to be, over a larger span of time. Project management software can be either internally or externally facing (or both) and allows teams to track the progress of deliverables along the entire timeline of a project. Client-facing project management software allows customers to view the progress of their projects in real-time.

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