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Client Management Template

Improve how you manage client relationships, and keep projects on track and moving forward with this free client management template.

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Client Management Template Walkthrough

Who this template is for

Project managers, customer success managers, development teams, and others that work directly with clients. Dock’s workspaces provide an efficient and easy-to-access project roadmap that can help guide any project through to completion.

What this template is for

Making project team collaboration easy and productive by collecting all that’s needed to successfully manage a client project through a single link. Many of the template elements are fully customizable, so you can create an effective client management workspace that is tailored to the needs of each client.

How to use the template

Designed to foster creativity in a collaborative work environment, Dock’s workspace is a valuable tool at all stages of a client project. Start with a project summary and checklists of goals and milestones. You can then provide a timeline that can be updated in real time as project milestones are reached. Finally, present completed projects in the featured deliverables and previous deliverables section using embedded media such as videos, slideshows, PDFs, and more.

What’s in this template?

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Section 1


The overview section is the ideal place to provide an introduction to your shared workspace. There’s room to provide a high-level summary of your project, as well as introduce the project’s primary point of contact and the best ways to get in touch.

Section 2


In this section, lay out the specific goals or deliverables for the project. Provide full details with the option to embed a PDF or slide deck. The project scope’s prominent position in the workspace ensures maximum visibility, helping to keep your project on track and on budget. Having a well-defined project scope that both parties have signed off on is key to avoiding potential misunderstanding and conflict.

Section 3


Task management couldn’t be easier. Once a project is underway, the timeline section can be updated in real time as project milestones are reached. Extremely valuable for either side of the transaction - individual team members can easily access their own to-do lists and project managers can assign specific tasks to individuals and include due dates and notes.

Section 4

Featured Deliverables

In this space, you can showcase completed work as it’s finished. Dock’s many included integrations make it easy to present the results of your hard work in vivid detail. You’ll have the option to embed a variety of media including images, video, slide decks, PDFs, and more.

Section 5

Previous Deliverables

Help your client keep track of past deliverables or project milestones that have been completed. This section is a great tool for showcasing past successes you’ve had with a client and the great progress that has already been made. Similar to the previous section, Dock provides many integrations to help you present all the fantastic work you do.

Section 6

Client Background

Include relevant background information on your new client for your internal project teams. For teams using the Dock workspace for internal project management, this section can provide useful information on each client to help inspire and inform creative elements of the project. A fuller understanding of a client’s background can help inform many different facets of a project.

Why use this client portal template?

Give your internal project team a dedicated workspace for each client they work with and a well-defined project plan they can continually reference. Dock’s client management template provides a centralized work management hub for creative and project teams to work from. Easily access relevant documents, keep tabs on project timelines, and get relevant client background information in real-time as the project progresses.

The more complex a project gets, the more moving parts there are bound to be as well as additional personnel dedicated to it. Even the most organized projects at the outset can quickly turn into a mess of email attachments, gantt charts, kanban boards, Google Docs, and the like. Acting as a project tracker, Dock makes it a snap to keep your teams on task and working efficiently towards the end goal.

Dock’s workspace is designed to bring together all the disparate elements of a project through a single link, making the space easily accessible to anyone involved in the project. The client portal template creates an incredible collaboration environment that can be easily implemented for each and every client. Project managers can control access by setting different permissions levels based on the needs of each team member.

Here’s what else the client portal template can do for you:

Speed up your projects

  • Provide your team with a dedicated workspace for each client they work with
  • Display task lists that can easily be viewed by all team members
  • Assign action items to team members and set due dates to keep projects moving
  • Create template variations for specific types of projects, speeding up project launches
  • Dock integrates with popular customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce

Encourage efficient collaboration between team members

  • Ensure all team members can easily access all required documentation
  • Provide an easy reference for project scope and background information on the client’s business
  • Take advantage of on-platform messaging features to enhance communication between team members working on the project.

Improve your team’s internal processes

  • Monitor how your team is using the workspace with Dock’s analytics data
  • Onboarding made easy - get new team members up to speed on new projects in no time
  • Collect feedback from team members at key points before and after a project is completed with an embedded survey
  • Test out new workflows and variations of the client management template to further refine and streamline processes and improve functionality
  • Create variations to handle specific use cases as they come up

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Introduce the project and define the scope: Maintain total transparency right at the start by introducing the workspace and prominently displaying a well-thought-out project scope at the top of your Dock workspace.
  • Develop a timeline that makes sense: Set up an achievable project timeline to help all team members stay on task throughout the project. In Dock’s project timeline feature, project managers can assign specific tasks to team members, leave notes, and set due dates. The workspace is updated in real time.
  • Motivate team members: Featured deliverables and past deliverables sections provide a space to display completed parts of a project, helping to motivate team members and keep the project moving.
  • Make the client management template work for you: Use Dock’s built-in analytics features and survey section to collect feedback. Use this data to further refine your project workflows and continually improve how your team works.


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