15 Sales Memes That Will Make You Laugh

The Dock Team
February 9, 2022

Working in sales is no joke. But, memes about working in sales definitely are! 

Whether you’re a sales rep, SDR, or sales leader, your day-to-day is full of outreach, demos, meetings, negotiations, and updating Salesforce.

Sales is definitely rewarding, both literally and figuratively, but it comes with some serious baggage. With so many people working on sales teams, there are so many people who understand the struggle. 

These funny sales memes will definitely make you laugh and remind you why you love your job. 

Here’s a collection of the best sales memes from social media and around the Internet:

Working on a Sales Team is like being a member of The Breakfast Club. (via Sales Humor)

Working on a Sales Team is like being a member of The Breakfast Club

Speaking of breakfast, sales professionals are all about balance. (via Kixie)

And sales managers are one in a million. (via corporate.bro) 

Sales basically has its own secret language  (via @corporate.bro on Instagram)

Cold calls are the best part of every salesperson's day. (via sales_humor) 

It’s really not all that hard to pitch to a prospect, just do your thing. (via Lystloc)

Sales is all about persistence. (via @TechSalesTom on Tiktok

Sales is also all about helping companies solve their problems. (via @techsalestom on TikTok)

You’ll do whatever it takes to win a big deal, even at a discount. (via sales_humor)

Even when the sales prospect doesn’t close, they still leave you with something. (via corporate.bro) 

You never let the objections (or gatekeepers) get you down. (via corporate bro

And you also never forget to update your Salesforce after finally closing that deal! 

Okay, but did you *really* update your Salesforce CRM? (via @sales_humor on Instagram

The satisfaction of closing a deal never gets old. 

And while sales is all about competition, at the end of the day, we all have each other's back. (via @justwillaitkin on tiktok) 

If you’re looking for more relatable B2B sales memes about everything from LinkedIn cold outreach to annoying gatekeepers, we’d recommend you check out Daily Sales and Cold Call Me Maybe. These are two of our favorite places to find next-level memes and funny sales quotes. Your workday just got funnier.

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