New in Dock: Contact Cards & Page Access Controls

Alex Kracov
April 17, 2024
April 16, 2024

Share key contact details with Contact Cards and control who can access each page in a Dock workspace.

This week, we have two updates to Dock workspaces:

  1. Contact Cards: Contact cards allow you to easily showcase the points of contact and teams involved in a deal.
  2. Control Access by Page: When sharing a workspace, you can control which customer contacts have access to each page. This may be helpful if you'd like to restrict certain information, like pricing or security info, to specific individuals.

Keep scrolling for all the details.

1. Add contact cards to workspaces

The new Contact Cards module makes it easy to summarize all the points of contact, stakeholders, and teams involved in an engagement from your Dock workspace.

You can now add beautifully designed contact cards that showcase every point of contact’s picture, title, email, phone number, booking link, and more.

Here’s a quick video preview:

You can add contact cards to a workspace or template from the usual module workflow:

Your team’s contact information auto-populates from their Dock profile, so it’s quick to set up. 

You can also edit contact details directly from the workspace and choose from different layout settings to customize the contact cards shared with each customer:

💡 Tip: Hopping on a call with your champion and building out the contact cards for the customer side is a great way to visualize the key decision-makers in a deal.

👉 For more info on setting up contact cards, check out this Help Center article.

2. Control workspace access by page

By popular request, you can now control who has access to each page in the shared view of a Dock workspace. 

For example, you may want to limit which buyer contacts have access to your price quote or security documentation.

Pages with access controls enabled will display a lock icon.

This works just like sharing access to the entire workspace — you can limit access to each page by individual emails or email domains.

You can control workspace page access by email or domain.

👉 For more info on setting up page-level access controls, check out this Help Center article.

Keep your product requests coming

Both of these features came from customer requests, so thanks to all of you who keep giving your feedback on how to make Dock even better.

And just in case it’s been a while since you’ve used Dock, remember, you can set up your first 5 Dock workspaces for free. That includes the new contact cards and page-level controls.

- Alex

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