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SMB Commercial Sales Template

Move quickly from deal to deal while making clients feel like a VIP

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In transactional sales, speed is everything. Dock helps AEs save time by providing a standard (and lightly personalized) follow up motion after every call. 

With Dock, AEs have all of the follow up information in a single place and give the clients the information they need to make a buying decision. AEs also get insight into which clients are engaged in the process, so they can focus on the real buyers and not the fakers. 

Dock Features

Dock gives you the tools to transform the customer experience.

Track engagement

Understand when someone views the space and what content they care about

Get feedback

Customers share what they think via comments

Dynamic plans

Create dynamic project plans that help customers stay on track.

Secure sharing

Add password protection to spaces.

Duplicate spaces

Copy work from customer to customer in a single click.

Rich text editor

Add whatever text you want and customize to fit your needs.

Optimized for mobile

Looks good on IOS and Android devices

Custom branding

Add your logo, customer logos and custom banners.

Embeded content

Add everything from images to pdfs to links. Embed your favorite software from Figma to Google Slides to Youtube.

Dock apps integration