How to use Dock deal rooms in your sales process

Buyers face increased scrutiny for every purchase decision—every deal requires CFO approval and buy-in from multiple stakeholders. As sales cycles get longer and longer, buyers become disorganized, and information gets lost in the shuffle.

To win deals, the best sales teams need to focus more on the buyer experience.

Dock’s sales deal rooms give sales teams one space to collaborate with buyers throughout the sales cycle.

Join Dock CEO Alex Kracov for a live walkthrough and Q&A on how to:

  • Build a sales deal room in Dock
  • Use the deal room to build a repeatable and predictable sales process
  • Track buyer engagement with Dock’s Workspace dashboard and Reports
  • Integrate Dock with Salesforce & HubSpot

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Alex Kracov

CEO and Co-Founder of Dock. Previously the 3rd employee and VP of Marketing at Lattice. Sharing insights about sales, marketing, SaaS, and startups.

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