Dock raises $3.5m from Craft Ventures

Alex Kracov
June 7, 2023
February 15, 2024

We’re excited to announce that Dock has raised $3.5m from Craft Ventures, which brings our total capital raised to $6.5m. 

Dock is a client-facing workspace that helps revenue teams manage the customer journey from sales to success. We have more than 100 paying customers using Dock to enable buyers with content, close deals with order forms, and onboard new customers with project plans.

Craft Ventures is an ideal partner for what we’re building at Dock. Craft has deep expertise in B2B SaaS, and they are believers in our vision to transform how companies manage customer relationships.

During the fundraise, David Sacks, co-founder and partner at Craft, shared why he wanted to invest:

“A collaborative workspace where revenue teams work with customers from the first demo through onboarding and beyond is a massively viral concept. Dock sets a new standard for how client-facing teams work with customers – it’s potentially more valuable than a CRM.”

Sean Whitney, investor at Craft Ventures, also explained the market opportunity:

“Dock is aiming to redefine the sales enablement category by bringing sales, customer success, and marketing together in one platform. The product is already supporting revenue teams across the entire customer journey. Alex’s experience and product intuition makes him uniquely qualified to capture this massive opportunity, and it's been incredible to see the progress the team has made over the last two years.”

For more details on why they invested, read Craft's blog on Why We Invested in Dock.

How we'll use this investment

Dock will use this investment to accelerate product development. Here’s what to expect from us in the coming months: 

  • Closing deals with order forms & deal desk: On the sales side, we already have a number of features that help sales teams build an exceptional buyer experience. Within one collaborative workspace, sales reps can share content, sign NDAs to view security docs, run mutual plans, and close deals.

    Over the next quarter, we’re planning to invest into Dock’s order forms with more admin features, such as order form approvals that help revenue operations teams build repeatable sales processes. 
  • Expanding project management capabilities: When it comes to customer onboarding, we’re building project management features specifically built for customer interactions.

    We’ll have the standard features like checklists, calendars, and progress bars, but we also provide CRM integrations and “no login” permissions that make the experience more tailored to working with customers. 
  • Getting insights into sales and onboarding: Dock’s analytics capabilities will soon provide deeper insights into how sales content performs, the status of order forms, and the progress of onboarding plans.

    Our goal is to give revenue leaders greater visibility into the sales-customer journey beyond the traditional CRM stages.
  • Integrating Dock into existing workflows: Lastly, we’re working to extend the capabilities of Dock by strengthening our Salesforce and Hubspot integrations, while also providing API solutions that allow companies to make Dock feel like part of their own product and embedded within their existing workflows.

We’re incredibly excited to have the capital we need to bring our full vision to market. Thank you to the customers who have supported Dock on our journey over the last year. Your feedback and support have been valuable in helping us build a product that transforms how companies approach sales and onboarding.

- Alex

Alex Kracov

CEO and Co-Founder of Dock. Previously the 3rd employee and VP of Marketing at Lattice. Sharing insights about sales, marketing, SaaS, and startups.