New in Dock: Share Gong Call Recordings with Prospects

The Dock Team
January 24, 2023
February 7, 2024

Embed customer calls in your Dock workspaces with our new Gong integration.

Check out this demo video to learn about the new Gong integration, or keep reading below.

Gong is awesome for recording sales conversations. Sales teams love it because it helps with sales coaching, onboarding, forecasting, and revenue intelligence.

But Gong recordings can also be valuable for your prospects and customers too. Your sales call recordings can help your champions remember what was discussed, and they can add helpful context for their buying team members who didn't attend the call.

To make it easier to share your Gong calls with customers—with more context than a link in an email—we've released a new Dock integration with Gong.

This was super highly requested, so we're really excited to make it happen.

How the Gong integration works

After you've connected Gong to Dock, you'll be able to select recent Gong calls directly from within Dock.

When you select Gong from the Embed menu, you have three ways to embed videos:

  1. Add a link directly: Just paste in the share link to your Gong video.
  2. Search by date: Select a date range and Dock will pull up calls in that range.
  3. Recent videos: Your most recent calls will show up instantly, making it easy to drop in a recording right after a meeting.

Embed Gong videos by link, date, or most recent.

From there, your customers can easily watch your Gong videos from their Dock workspace—with the added benefit of getting all the previous context of the relationship surrounding the video:

Sharing the video this way can draw prospects back to your other follow-up materials.

These videos have the same tracking analytics as our current video providers, so you’ll be able to see how often your videos are accessed.

How to turn on the integration

To get started with the Gong integration, log in to Dock and head to Settings. Then select Integrations from the Company menu. 

From there, you can connect Gong to Dock. Easy peasy.

Let us know what you think!

As a reminder, Dock already integrates with leading video providers like Loom, Youtube, Vimeo, Vidyard, and more. And we'll have another exciting new video integration coming out soon. 👀

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Or sign up for Dock free here. Or if you’d rather talk to our sales folks, you can get a demo.

The Dock Team