New in Dock: Major updates to Quotes & Order Forms

Alex Kracov
January 9, 2024
January 9, 2024

Sync order forms in Hubspot. Organize your product library into folders. Build quotes in fewer clicks. CC people on order forms. Create multi-year contracts. And lots more in this huge order forms update.

We first launched Dock’s Price Quotes and Order Forms a year ago and have received a ton of valuable feedback since then. We've rolled out some major UX updates over the past few months that make it even easier for your reps to fire off quotes in a few seconds.

Our latest update is a hefty one, so here are the quick-hit highlights:

  • Sync order forms in Hubspot: Order form PDFs, deal line items, and deal terms can now be pushed automatically to Hubspot.
  • Organize your product library: Sort your order form products into folders.
  • Create quotes faster: Our new order form sidebar makes it easier to add products to price quotes.
  • CC people on order forms: Keep anyone in the loop when an order form is signed.
  • Create multi-year contracts: Set custom deal terms for 3+ year contracts.
  • Net 5 payment terms: Ask for payment within 5 days.

 If you want more details and fancy screenshots and videos, keep reading!

Sync order forms to Hubspot

Dock’s Hubspot integration now lets you automatically sync order forms to the associated Company or Deal record in Hubspot.

Dock now syncs:

  • Order form PDFs
  • Deal line items
  • Deal terms (including billing and business contact details, billing dates, contract dates, payment terms, and more).

Here’s a quick demo:

💡 Fun fact: Hubspot doesn’t natively allow for volume-based or tiered pricing, so this makes Dock a great option for billing these pricing models directly in Hubspot.

👉 For full details on setting this up, check out our Help Center article.

Organize your product library

Dock's product library helps sales reps create pricing quotes and order forms from a pre-defined list of products created by your admin — instead of starting from scratch.

We’ve redesigned the Dock product library to make it easier to keep all your products organized.

You now get an at-a-glance view of each product’s:

  • Pricing model (per unit, flat fee, tiered, or volume-based)
  • Price
  • Last modified date
  • Status (active or in draft)

We’ve also added the ability to sort products into folders. This makes it way easier to deal with a big list of products.

After you’ve created a folder, you can select existing products and move them into a folder. Like this…

👉 To learn how to set up your product library, check out this Help Center article.

New pricing quote builder flow

We’ve also made it easier for sales reps to create quotes and order forms from your product library.

Now, when a rep creates a quote, they’ll first select the order’s billing frequency (e.g., annual billing).

They’ll only be shown only products that match the billing frequency (e.g., all your annual products). Then they just have to click a product to add it to the quote.

Here’s a quick little demo (with jazzy tunes):

👉 Here's more from our Help Center on how to build a price quote.

CC people on order forms

We’ve added the ability to CC anyone on an order form. They will receive emails when the order form is created and signed, but they won’t sign the form themselves.

This is great for looping in leadership on the status of order forms.

Create multi-year contracts

You can now create custom multi-year contract lengths from your order form admin settings.

By default, Dock supports month-to-month, annual, one-time, and two-year contracts. Now, you can add your own custom lengths for multi-year deals.

Shout out to everyone landing those 3+ year contracts

More payment terms

We’ve added Net 5 payment terms to order forms. So now you have the following payment term options:

  • Due upon receipt
  • Net 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 45, or 60
Get paaaiiiid

👉 Here's how to configure your contract length and payment term settings.

Try Dock’s new order form flow

Remember, Dock is free for up to 5 customer workspaces — with order forms included. 

Try Dock for free or schedule a demo with our team to get started.

Alex Kracov

CEO and Co-Founder of Dock. Previously the 3rd employee and VP of Marketing at Lattice. Sharing insights about sales, marketing, SaaS, and startups.