New Year, New Dock

Alex Kracov
January 6, 2022
January 8, 2024

Happy New Year! The last couple months have been busy at Dock. We've been learning from our users, growing the engineering team and investing into product development.  

Today, we're excited to share a number of new product updates that improve Dock's shared workspaces.

Editor V2

You’ll notice that the editor and spaces look different. We’ve given the editor a fresh coat of paint, but more importantly, we’ve added some functionality that will make the workspace creation and editing experience more intuitive. 

Here’s an overview of the changes:

Section Cards

We’ve turned the editor and space canvas into cards. Instead of a long scroll page, we’ve switched to section cards, similar to a slide deck. We felt this UI pattern would be more comfortable to our users and also get our users to build spaces in terms of sections, which corresponds to our section template library. This update will hopefully make Dock best practices - build in terms of sections - more intuitive and make it easier for your customers to consume content. We also think it just looks cleaner than the previous version of Dock.

Updated Sidebar

The mini-map sidebar now distinguishes between synced and editable sections. Editable with dark blue and a pencil icon. Synced with lighter blue and a circle arrow icon. We also give you the ability to give each section a title.

Easier to Rearrange Sections

Now, you can rearrange sections in the mini-map by just dragging the sections. No more looking for that hidden six dot icon. This should feel more like other software you’re used to. 

Editor / Shared Toggle

We’ve added a toggle to the top of the editor to make it easier for users to switch between the editor experience and the shared view. Instead of navigating between two separate links and views, users can now easily toggle back and forth between both the editor and the client shared view. This should make responding to comments much easier and also improve how you use Dock on a customer call. 

Hidden Sections

We’ve made it possible to hide a section from the shared view. 

This feature unlocks two workflows for our users:

  1. Internal tasks/resources: a common request has been relating Dock spaces to internal tasks and resources. Now Dock users can have a hidden section with internal tasks related to the customer workspace. 
  2. Drip content as the relationship progresses: now you can build out the content lifecycle for the entire customer relationship in a Dock workspace at the start and with hidden sections only show the relevant content at key moments in the relationship. This feature should make managing the customer lifecycle much easier, especially the transition from Sales to CX

Embeds V2

We’ve updated our embed functionality to showcase all of the different tools we support from Loom to Looker. But we’ve also added the ability to add custom code to a Dock space, so in theory, we support any type of embed.

Row Editor V2

We’ve simplified the UI for editing a row to just a single edit button. This button gives you a drop down menu with all of the possible customizations. And we’ve also given you the ability to add a row above content.

Published Status

We added a status indicator to highlight when there's changes that need to be published to the shared view.

Action Plans V2

We’ve added a number of improvements to our action plans based on customer feedback. 

Collaborate with Customers

Your prospects/customers now have access to the full functionality of mutual action plans and can make changes to the plans themselves. Your customers can now assign people on their team, complete tasks, add a new step, adjust due dates and update due dates. 

Due Date Notifications

Turn on the ability for Dock to send reminder email notifications to owners of tasks. We give you the ability to set the number of days before a due date to send an email.

Automated Task Assignment

Now you can set each action plan step to automatically assign to your company or customer. This makes duplicating Dock spaces more automated. Now when you duplicate a space, the action plans will automatically update. 

Action Plan Activity

We now provide a running list of all of the activity changes that happen within a mutual action plan. To start, this activity stream will be helpful in staying on top of any customer changes to the plan - completing a task, changing a due date, etc. But more importantly, this feature is the foundation for richer reports and dashboards around the status of different deals, onboarding timeline and customer projects. We plan to surface this data in other parts of Dock and in CRMs to help you get a quick snapshot of the progress of different customer relationships.


Working with customers is a team sport that requires sales, customer success, marketing and leadership to work together. We’ve given the ability for admins to set up teams within Dock.

This feature will improve intra team collaboration. It will be easier for different customer segments to work together. SMB AEs will be able to see SMB spaces. Enterprise CSMs will be able to easily see what other Enterprise CSMs are working on. Agency project teams can easily collaborate with each other.

Teams also set up the ability for managers to easily see what’s happening across their team within Dock.

In Case You Missed It

In November, we released templated sections and a content library. These features give you the ability to templatize each section of a Dock space.

What’s next

Our core focus is product development. We hired two engineers in the fall and are hiring more engineers in Q1 (apply here) to increase the speed at which we deliver the features you need. We have a number of exciting projects planned in Q1 from templates to Salesforce integration to analytics 2.0 and plan to share updates throughout the quarter as we release these features. 

If you have any feedback about the features mentioned above or just generally about Dock, I'd love to hear from you. Please send me an email at or feel free to book time directly here.

Alex Kracov

CEO and Co-Founder of Dock. Previously the 3rd employee and VP of Marketing at Lattice. Sharing insights about sales, marketing, SaaS, and startups.