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Joint Customer Success Plan

Collaborate with customers to build a success plan that helps everyone meet their goals, drives product usage, and reduces churn.

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Key takeaways

  • Who this template is for: SaaS companies and startups looking to streamline their approach to customer success and boost product adoption.
  • What this template is for: Connecting businesses with customers to drive product usage, elevate the customer experience, and address customer retention.
  • How to use the template: Establish key customer success contacts, define your OKRs and success strategies, and establish the workflow for success plans. Then, you can invite customers to help you understand their needs and work with them to get the most out of your products or services.

What’s in this template?

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Need a simple way to encourage consistent product usage? Use Dock’s template to help your customers succeed, level up your customer success plan, and increase retention.

Whether your startup is gearing up to focus on customer satisfaction, or you need a way to scale your SaaS business, finding a solution to the question of customer success can be a challenge. And one thing is clear: Spreadsheets just don’t cut it anymore. Not if you want to create a best-in-class customer journey.

With Dock’s joint customer success plan template, you can empower customers to collaborate with you on their customer experience, get invaluable insight into how they best interact with your services, and drive product adoption. By doing this, you’ll reduce churn and have more time to focus on making your offerings exactly what your customer base needs.

Here’s what else the customer success plan template can do for you:

Streamline customer success processes

  • Create a clear customer success roadmap for both your customers and team members
  • Automate your customer success strategy and eliminate pain points all around
  • Implement a simple customer success process for encouraging product usage
  • Keep customers on track to achieve their business goals
  • Easily personalize the experience to best fit your customers
  • Align customer success managers (CSMs) and customers on business goals and strategy

Focus on customer retention through support

  • Get clear on your customers’ success plan priorities
  • Use customer data — including engagement metrics — to refine your customer’s experience with your services
  • Increase your customer health score and NPS
  • Keep customers engaged with your company

Use your newfound knowledge to boost product usage

  • Get real-time feedback on your services or products
  • Tailor your CRM strategy to best help your customers succeed
  • Use your knowledge of the customer lifecycle to ensure you’re delivering the best resources at the right time
  • Understand your customer’s end goals, and help them get there with your services

Customers can leave if they feel that the company is indifferent toward them. A simple, transparent customer success plan can change the way they perceive your business.

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Configure a clear, step-by-step customer success action plan: Optimize the process and help customers achieve their goals 
  • Set your KPIs: Get all of your stakeholders on the same page about success metrics and milestones.
  • See your customer success plan at a glance: Easily understand where everyone is along your roadmap.
  • Give customers context when sharing files: Eliminate confusion so customers can easily give you valuable insight into their experiences with your service.
  • House your plan in one convenient place: Organize important materials for your sales team and customers in one workspace. Access it all with a single link.
  • Simplify the customer success team’s workflows:  Guide them through kickoff meetings, videos, PDFs, webinars, and more to support customer retention.
  • Assign every step of the plan: Your customers will always know how to get the most out of your services.


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