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Sales Proposal Template

Make the closing process easier for everyone with dynamic, yet automated, proposals.

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Sales Proposal Template Walkthrough

Who this template is for

This template is ideal for sales teams and sales professionals who want to save time and effort when crafting a sales proposal, as it provides a comprehensive and customizable structure for organizing all of the necessary information in one place.

What this template is for

This template is designed to streamline the sales process and improve the chances of closing a deal by providing a clear and organized overview of the proposal by housing all of your sales proposal information in one place, as well as leveraging prospect analytics to identify key areas of focus and tailor the proposal to the specific needs and interests of the potential customer.

How to use the template

Start with a quick welcome message and the main point of contact at your company. Then provide the product details (like product demos, previous call recordings, and client testimonials) and pricing information (including package breakdowns) your customers need to say yes. Finally, add your customized pricing proposal, complete with a linked call to action (CTA) to sign the deal.

What’s in this template?

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Section 1


Use the overview section to introduce the project, give a rough estimate of implementation time, and provide your contact details for easy access. Additionally, a mutual action plan will help to outline the steps involved in the implementation process and ensure that both parties are on the same page throughout the project.

Section 2

Product Introduction

This section is for hosting multimedia content to introduce potential clients to your product features, including key details and use cases. These could include demo recordings, including embedded video and links to call recordings. Use Dock’s features to highlight the key benefits of your product, and clearly explain how it addresses the specific needs and challenges of your target audience. This will help to demonstrate the value and relevance of your product to your prospects and stakeholders.

Section 3

Pricing Table & Proposal

This next section is for displaying your pricing options in a dynamic table layout. This pricing section also includes the ability to add custom notes and explanations for each pricing option, allowing you to provide additional context and detail for your prospects and stakeholders.

Section 4

Product Deep Dive

Include relevant PDFs and summaries with detailed information about your product. Provide an executive summary to give a high-level overview of your product, as well as any relevant data or statistics that help to demonstrate its value and effectiveness. This section should also include any additional content, such as product manuals, user guides, or FAQs, that help to provide a deeper understanding of your product and how it works. By including a wealth of detailed and informative content in this section, you can help to persuade prospects and stakeholders to choose your product over the competition.

Section 5

Customer Case Studies

Include information on well-known partners and relevant case studies to create peace of mind and further demonstrate the relevant value that your product provides. By showcasing real-world examples of how your product has been used successfully by other customers, you can help to build credibility and trust with your prospects and stakeholders, and provide them with a clear understanding of how your product can solve their specific needs and challenges.

Section 6

Customer Service

This section is intended to give an overview of the kind of customer service that clients can expect with your product and a partnership with your business. This includes information on past customer satisfaction and specific services offered by your company.

Why use this sales proposal template?

You’ve done the hard part of the sales process, and now you’re ready to send over your proposal. With Dock’s sales proposal template, you can quickly spin up a custom proposal that makes it easier for prospects and stakeholders to sign the deal.

Once a prospective client asks to see a proposal, you’re almost done with the sales cycle. That makes it a critical time to reiterate how your product or service can help, the potential value-add, and the cost of signing up. But if you want to land that new business, you need to move fast and make things as simple as possible for them.

Dock's sales proposal template gives you a strong foundation to start from, plus the opportunity to easily make changes so it's personalized to your target audience. Dock gives you the tools you need to close deals and start the customer relationship off on the right foot.

Additionally, Dock's sales proposal template has features that allow you to track how well your proposal is being received and identify areas that may require further clarification or focus. By using these tools, you can make sure that your proposal is as persuasive and impactful as possible, which can improve your chances of success in closing the deal. 

Overall, Dock's sales proposal template is a valuable tool for any sales team or professional looking to streamline the proposal process and improve their chances of success.

Here’s what else the sales proposal template can do for you:

Give prospects the support they need to sign

  • Detail the specific ways your product/service can help, depending on each prospect's needs.
  • Shape your proposal around their specific problems and pain points.
  • Work the sales proposal process into your CRM plan to start things off right.
  • Give decision-makers and potential clients one quick link to get the ball rolling.
  • Provide a way to contact the right person so you can easily follow up and answer any remaining questions.

Speed up the last step in the sales cycle

  • Decrease the business proposal-writing process and the time you need to spend proofreading with a templated workspace.
  • Use social proof from social media platforms to drive home the value of your proposed solution.
  • Build out a project proposal you can duplicate, customize, and reuse following each sales pitch.
  • Give prospects the opportunity to ask any last-minute questions via the proposal itself.

Improve your sales process

  • Create a more dynamic proposal experience via PDF embeds (including visual information, like charts and graphs, as well as deliverable schedules and the scope of work, if applicable).
  • Customize your sales proposal template to work for each type of proposal you might need, from marketing proposals to bid proposals to sponsorship proposals, and more.
  • Get feedback from potential clients on your sales proposals, either directly or using Dock's built-in engagement tracking.
  • Use prospect analytics to inform your company’s customer success strategy.

A successful sale proposal needs to provide all of the pricing data a customer needs — but it also needs to get to them ASAP. A dynamic sales proposal template can help convert prospects into new clients.

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Keep all of your sales proposal information in one place: Set up your workspace within one link and use it to house everything potential customers need to complete the sales cycle.
  • Provide sales docs within your sales proposal: Remind your potential customers how your product can help their business through demo recordings, case studies, and testimonials.
  • Walk customers through your existing pricing packages: Add a pricing PDF to showcase the various product features available at different price points.
  • Create a dynamic pricing proposal methodology: Break down all of the pricing details for prospective customers, from the proposed product plan or subscription, to the number of users, to discount information.


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