Alternative to Smart Links by LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The Dock Team
February 22, 2022
January 8, 2024

What is LinkedIn Smart Links?

LinkedIn Smart Links is a popular feature within LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It used to be called Pointdrive. The main benefit of Smart Links is the real-time analytics. 

Within Smart Links, sales reps can easily share content on a single trackable link. Account executives will create a new smart link as part of their demo follow-up or outbound outreach.

Smart Links is only available on LinkedIn Sales Navigator's advanced package. Smart Links is accessible via the sales navigator account and can easily be added into a LinkedIn InMail campaigns.

Why Dock is a better alternative to Smart Links

At Dock, we interviewed hundreds of account executives to figure out how we can improve LinkedIn Smart Links. Based on these interviews, we’ve taken what sales professionals love about Smart Links and made a few improvements. 

Just like Smart Links, Dock spaces offer a single trackable link for sharing content. Salespeople get notifications when prospects access key information like pricing. Dock tracks downloads and views on specific pieces of content by the prospect. And you can package up multiple pieces of content in a personalized workspace.

Check out a Dock workspace here.

That’s where the similarities end. Here’s how we think about the functionality difference:

1. Easier access for prospects

LinkedIn Smart Links require a LinkedIn profile for login. Dock supports email addresses and has different permission settings for prospects. You can select specific domains or emails with viewing access. 

2. Deeper analytics and insights

Dock’s analytics are more robust. In addition to overall views, we’re also working to give sales reps a slide by slide analysis. 

Metrics Dock tracks:

  • Views: track when someone views a Dock workspace
  • Clicks: track when someone clicks on a link
  • Interactions: track when someone clicks on an embed
  • Downloads: track when someone downloads a PDF
  • PDF Time Spent: track how much time someone spends viewing a PDF and time spent per page
  • Drop off Report: track which PDF page someone left
  • Action Plan Activity: track progress within our shared project plan

3. Rich Text Editor

Dock is built on a full-rich text editor, so you can also add text alongside all of your content to provide context. 

4. Software Embeds

Instead of only sharing PDFs, Dock supports everything from videos to software embeds. 

5. Collaborative Mutual Action Plans

Within Dock workspaces, you can share a collaborative mutual action plan with prospects. 

Dock Mutual Action Plan

6. Easy to Personalize

Every Dock workspace is personalized to the customer both the logo and the content.

Dock is Personalized to Prospect

7. CRM Sync

Dock integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce, so it's embedded in your sales rep's workflow. 

Dock Salesforce Integration

LinkedIn integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, but Dock only integrates with Salesforce and Hubspot (coming soon).

8. Shared Content Library

With Dock, you can manage the entire customer journey and quickly access a library of content from across your company. 

Dock vs. Smart Links Summary

Here’s the summary of how Dock and Sales Navigator Smart Links compare:

LinkedIn SmartLinks Alternative

If you’re interested in trying Dock, fill out this form and we'll get you set up with a free trial. Then, just upload some content and you’ll be off to the races. We’re always around to help too. Just drop us a message at and we’ll be in touch.

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