New in Dock: Create Dock Workspaces in HubSpot

Alex Kracov
May 22, 2023
February 13, 2024

Create Dock workspaces and track workspace activity directly in HubSpot.

Watch this quick demo to learn more about the new Dock HubSpot integration, or keep reading below.

Dock lets you create collaborative workspaces to manage every stage of the customer lifecycle. You can use Dock as a deal room, onboarding guide, or client portal.

With our new HubSpot integration, you can create and track Dock workspaces directly from HubSpot—saving you valuable setup time for every new deal or customer.

👉 Install the Dock HubSpot app here

👉 Check out the Dock Help Center for full instructions

Create personalized workspaces from HubSpot

With the Dock HubSpot integration, you can create personalized workspaces from HubSpot fields.

Create a new workspace or start with a template, and then automatically populate it with dynamic fields—such as account and customer names, logos, emails, and more.

You can also add HubSpot contacts to a workspace and manage their permissions.

Track Dock events in HubSpot

The new integration also lets you see all your Dock workspace events and data within HubSpot.

After you set up the integration, you’ll see a “Workspaces” CRM card attached to your accounts:

From here, you can see:

  • When the client last viewed a workspace
  • When a workspace was last updated
  • Workspace views
  • Task progress
  • Order form statuses

You’ll also see all the actions taken in a Dock workspace in the account’s Activities feed in HubSpot:

You also get a link to the customer’s Dock workspace to make it easier to visit or share.

Set up the integration in minutes

It only takes a few minutes to set up the new Dock HubSpot integration.

👉 Install the Dock HubSpot app here

👉 Check out the Dock Help Center for full instructions

If you need any help setting it up or want to share feedback, shoot us an email at

As always, if you’d like a personal demo of any of our new features, you can get a personal demo here.

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