New in Dock: Track buyer activity with people analytics

Alex Kracov
January 4, 2024
January 4, 2024

Dock’s new people analytics let you track how much each contact engages with a workspace.

Knowing which customer stakeholders are engaging (or not engaging) with your sales room or onboarding portal can help you better forecast deals and measure customer health.

Dock has always let you track total engagement with a workspace, but our new People tab lets you see engagement broken down by each individual contact.

To track which contacts are engaging with a workspace, just head to the Internal tab and select People. 

For each person who accesses a workspace, you get:

  • Workspace views
  • Actions taken
  • Last view date

You get this data both for:

  • external contacts (i.e., your customers); and
  • internal contacts (i.e., your reps)

This will apply retroactively to all your workspaces too, so check out any of your existing workspaces to see the new People Analytics. Of course, you also still have access to the feed of recent workspace activity.

Track buyer & customer engagement

Being able to track individual stakeholder engagement has so many potential applications for revenue teams:

  • Predict account-level buying interest: Lots of stakeholders being pulled into a deal is a good sign they’re going to buy. On the other hand, low activity could be a good signal to re-engage.
  • Track key stakeholder activity: See if a particular buyer-side contact—like the economic buyer—is engaging with your sales materials (or not).
  • Coach deal multi-threading: Get a sense of whether your team is doing a good job at engaging different stakeholders in the company.
  • Track onboarding engagement: See which customer-side contacts are keeping up with onboarding
  • Identify changes in stakeholders: Uncover new stakeholders or opportunities you weren’t aware of

Every external person is now summed up in one table:

Customer-side contacts that you haven't invited to the workspace will show up by their email.

Track internal engagement from Sales and CS

We’ve also given you internal people analytics, so you can see how often your Sales and Success reps are engaging with a workspace.

You can also track views and actions for internal team members.

For a successful customer partnership (whether it’s in sales or implementation), both sides need to be engaged and bought in. If your reps aren’t active in the workspace, how can you expect customers to be?

Internal analytics give leaders a few new insights:

  • Identify accounts that need more engagement from reps (like checking off tasks, commenting, or adding new content)
  • Identify reps who need to up their customer engagement activities across the board
  • Establish the optimal frequency customers and internal reps should be engaging with a workspace

All of these contribute to creating a stellar customer experience.

👀 With more reporting capabilities coming soon… 

This was a highly requested feature, so we’re really excited to ship it, but we have way more reporting capabilities coming down the pipeline in the next few months.

We’re working hard on adding more leadership-level reporting to track sales and implementation performance and progress across workspaces.

Stay tuned!

Alex Kracov

CEO and Co-Founder of Dock. Previously the 3rd employee and VP of Marketing at Lattice. Sharing insights about sales, marketing, SaaS, and startups.