New in Dock: Create Pricing Quotes & Order Forms

The Dock Team
January 17, 2023
December 4, 2023

With the launch of Order Forms, you can now create pricing quotes and turn them into signable order forms directly within Dock. 

Watch the demo from Alex here or keep reading:

A key moment in every customer lifecycle is agreeing on pricing and signing an agreement. But it’s typically a painful, back-and-forth, multi-system process to closing the deal.

  1. To start, a sales rep either waits days for a designer to create a proposal, or the rep wastes their own time by fiddling around with designing their own proposal (which ends up looking unprofessional in the end).
  2. After the sales rep presents pricing options in a sales proposal or price quote, there’s some back and forth with the buyer around the exact package (products, users, billing frequency, payment methods, etc.).
  3. From there, the sales rep usually builds another document-based proposal for signature (using Google Docs or some proposal builder).
  4. That document is then sent to the client through an e-signature provider (like DocuSign). These documents are often full of legal language and abstract away from the core components of the deal (what the customer is actually buying).

With Dock’s latest product release, we’ve created a straightforward way to share pricing quotes, create order forms, and sign order forms from one tool—without involving a designer.

Step 1: Share a Pricing Quote

Sales teams can now easily create a pricing table within Dock from the +Insert module:

To build out the line items in your pricing quote, you can either select from an existing product inventory or create a new custom line item:

The pricing quote table can be configured to include discounts and taxes or to hide/show different columns based on the types of products you sell:

Right now, Dock’s pricing tables work best for simple pricing—subscription-based, one-time payments, and lightweight usage-based models. Over time, we’re planning to add more support for complex pricing models. 

These pricing quotes are shared within a Dock workspace, so key stakeholders have all the important context they need to make a decision.

👉 See it in action: For an example of a pricing quote in context, check out our pricing quote template.

💡 Price quote tips: To learn how to send price quotes that close, read our blog on crafting a winning sales price quote.

Step 2: Create an Order Form

After the sales rep and buyer agree on the pricing quote, the sales rep can create an order form directly from the pricing quote.

The order form can then be created in five quick steps.

1. Set the customer details:

2. Adjust the pricing table (if needed):

3. Set the agreement terms:

You can customize your own terms and link to your own legal agreements.

4. Set the signatures:

5. Review and publish the quote:

Within a few minutes, a sales rep can create an order form that’s ready to be signed by a customer.

Step 3: Share and Sign the Order Form

Your Dock order forms can be shared via a link or email. 

When a customer receives the order form, they will be prompted to verify their email address. Once they confirm, they will be directed to a signature flow:

We’ve partnered with DropboxSign for the signature to provide embedded signatures within Dock. With this integration, we’re able to provide a legally binding e-signature solution that complies with e-signature laws around the world.

When they enter the signature flow, the customer will get automatically scrolled down to the Signature Field and "Click to sign":

They can then sign the form:

Once your customer signs the order form, they’ll receive a copy of the order form over email.

We also store the order form within your Dock account, so your internal team will always be able to access any signed order forms.

And that’s it! You’ve closed the deal, and you’re ready to move forward with the client relationship. 

Connecting Sales and Customer Success

One unique element about Dock is that we’re not just a sales tool. We’re also used by customer success teams for customer onboarding and client portals

So within the same workspace where you close the deal, you’re able to seamlessly transition the relationship to customer onboarding for next steps.

We see the ability to create order forms within a workspace as a valuable tool for customer success teams to create change orders and sign renewals as the relationship progresses—making it easier to retain customers as a revenue organization.

Built for startups who need help closing deals

Right now, Dock’s order forms work best for startups who need a simple workflow to close a deal. If that sounds like you, you can get started on your own here or reach out to our sales team to talk through how.

Over time, we’re planning to add more features to meet the needs of bigger companies and different pricing models. On our roadmap for the coming year are features like order form approvals, Salesforce/Hubspot CPQ integrations, custom fields, and more. 

We always love hearing feedback, so please reach out to us at to let us know what you think about Dock’s pricing quotes and order forms.

The Dock Team