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Pricing Quote Template

Provide a personalized price quote that is tailored to your business requirements and specific to your client’s needs.

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Pricing Quote Template Walkthrough

Who this template is for

Sales professionals, sales teams, and pricing specialists working closely with marketing and product development who want to provide accurate, compelling, and personalized pricing quotes

What this template is for

Creating and curating a single, easy-to-use space that contains all the necessary information and resources for a comprehensive pricing quote. Dock’s template persuades potential customers to choose the company's products or services by looking professional and effectively communicating the value and benefits of the company's offerings.

How to use the template

Set up and design a custom quotation template by adding necessary text, images, and embedded content. Use Dock’s pre-designed features to include dynamic pricing tables and product options. Set a single template to cover generic pricing options but customize as needed.

Remember: a pricing quote doubles as a value proposition and a CTA. Share the pricing quote with the client, staying open to any questions or concerns they may have.

What’s in this template?

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Section 1


Use the overview section to review the product or service being provided, summarize the relevant stakeholders including team members and company names, and introduce the pricing quote or estimate itself. Provide your contact information for easy access.

Section 2

Pricing Options

Embed a dynamic pricing table with options for various product and service packages. Customize the pricing table by adding or removing columns, as well as adjusting the prices of each product or service.

Section 3

Pricing Proposal

This section includes a table for giving a detailed pricing breakdown. Include columns for a description of the product or service being provided, the units and unit price, the frequency or quantity being purchased, and the relevant totals, including pricing changes due to special offers or deals. The intent should be to provide a clear and comprehensive pricing breakdown for your customer.

Section 4

Product Demo Recordings

This section is for hosting multimedia content to introduce potential clients to your product features, including key details and use cases. These could include demo recordings, including embedded video and links to call recordings.

Section 5

Demo Slides

In this section, embed the slides you use for additional product demo information. The demo slides can be used to showcase the features and benefits of your product, as well as to answer any questions your customer may have.

Why use this pricing quote template?

Dock's pricing quote template is designed to help sales teams and other professionals streamline the process of creating a pricing quote. 

It provides a clear and organized structure for organizing all of the necessary information in one place, making it easier to create a comprehensive and persuasive quote.

Dock's quotation template is also highly customizable, allowing companies to tailor it to their specific needs and branding. Pricing quote templates can also be duplicated so that all quotes look professional and consistent. This helps to establish the company's brand and create a sense of trust and reliability with potential customers.

Dock's price quotation template includes analytics and tracking features that allow you to understand whether quotes are being viewed and what areas may need further clarification or emphasis. Use this information to refine the pricing quoting process, ensuring that future quotes are as effective and persuasive as possible.

By using this template, companies can save time and effort when creating a quote, allowing them to focus on the content of the offer and less on the formatting and organization, improving the long-term efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process.

Here’s what else the pricing quote template can do for you:

Foster trust with clients by providing all the relevant information

  • Clearly list all the products or services being quoted, along with detailed descriptions and quantities.
  • Help clients understand exactly what they are paying for and eliminate any confusion or uncertainty.
  • Keep all parties informed on the full scope of the agreement, setting expectations for the work to be done and relevant expiration dates.
  • Provide simple lines of communication so clients can feel confident that they can reach out for clarification, follow-ups or additional information if needed, furthering a sense of transparency and trust.
  • Share additional resources to cover potential questions, including files, demos, FAQs, and more.

Create new quotes quickly and easily

  • Pre-populate fields with standard or frequently used information, such as product descriptions and standard pricing options.
  • Provide a consistent layout and format for all quotes, helping to establish credibility and professionalism with returning and new clients.
  • Allow sales professionals to quickly and easily customize quotes to meet the specific needs and requirements of their clients, without having to start from scratch each time.
  • Integrate with other business systems and apps, such as CRM or invoicing software, to streamline the process of creating, tracking, and managing quotes.

Scale the price quoting process as the business grows

  • Help sales professionals efficiently and consistently handle a larger workload as the business grows.
  • Quickly and easily adjust the layout or design of the template, incorporating branding or other personalization elements.
  • Provide a consistent starting point for all quotes, helping sales professionals create professional, accurate, and transparent quotes for their clients.
  • Streamline the quote creation process, saving time and effort and allowing sales professionals to focus on other important tasks.

How Dock’s customers use this template

  • Collect relevant product and pricing information: Bring together all details of the products or services being quoted, including descriptions, pricing options, and terms. You can also include any applicable discounts, taxes, or additional charges. Review the total cost of the quote and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Provide detailed product and pricing information to clients: Dock’s ability to embed content and share resources makes it especially useful for customers who are selling complex products or services, as it allows them to easily provide additional information to their clients.
  • Present a consistent and professional image to clients: Unlike using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Google Sheets, or other free quote templates, Dock’s powerful price estimate template makes it easy to present professional quotes that match the scale and branding of small businesses or large.
  • Track the performance of various pricing features and options: Dock’s inbuilt analytics and data tracking features allow tracking and analysis of total quote values and the number and type of products or services being quoted. This can be used for identifying trends and analyzing the effectiveness of different pricing and CTA strategies.


What is a price quote template?

A price quote template is a pre-designed document that is used to provide a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with a particular product or service. It typically includes information about the products or services being offered, their respective prices, and any applicable discounts or special offers. A price quote template can also include details about payment terms, fees, and other relevant information.

What are price quote templates for?

Price quote templates can be used by businesses to provide clients with accurate and transparent pricing information and can help to streamline the sales process by providing all necessary information in a single, easy-to-read document. Customers can use price quote templates to compare prices and options from different vendors and to make informed purchasing decisions

What should be included in a pricing quote?

Price quotes can include a variety of information, such as:

  • the name and description of the product or service
  • its price
  • any applicable discounts or special offers
  • payment terms

They may also include details about delivery or shipping fees, and any warranties or guarantees that apply.

What is the difference between a price quote and an invoice?

A price quote is a document that provides detailed information about the cost of a particular product or service and is not typically a binding agreement. An invoice, on the other hand, is a document that is used to request payment for goods or services that have already been provided.

What is the difference between a sales quote and a job estimate?

A sales or pricing quote is a document that provides an estimate of the costs associated with a particular purchase, while a job estimate is a document that provides an estimate of the costs associated with a particular job or project.

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