New in Dock: Timelines, Slack notifications, plan templates & more

Alex Kracov
August 1, 2023
February 15, 2024

Hope you're having a great summer so far! We’ve been heads-down focused on building products and wanted to quickly share a number of Dock updates we’ve rolled out over the past couple of weeks. 

Project Timelines

Dock’s new timelines give your customers a high-level summary of the different phases of a project.

You can connect all the checklists in a workspace to a single timeline to automatically track project progress and share the start and end dates of each phase.

Learn more about timelines. 

Internal Slack Notifications

You can now push all workspace activity to an internal Slack channel. Get real-time insights into how buyers and customers view workspaces, complete tasks, sign order forms, and more.

We launched this feature a few weeks ago in our own internal Slack channel and it might just be my new favorite Dock feature. 

Get internal Slack notifications for all the activity in a workspace.

Learn more about Dock’s Slack notifications. 

Due Date Email Schedules

Due date notifications got a major upgrade. You can now create a due date email schedule for project plans. 

You can choose when to send reminder emails:

  • Before task due dates
  • On the due date
  • After due dates
Choose when you send task reminder emails.

You can set up due date notifications across all workspaces or for a specific workspace. 

Learn more about setting reminder emails. 

Plan Templates & Synced Plans

You can now create project plan templates that can be pulled into and synced across different workspaces. 

This makes it easier for admins to manage bulk edits and control an onboarding process across multiple customers:

  • Plan templates are synced across workspaces. One change to the template will auto-populate across all active workspaces.
  • Plan templates allow you to auto-assign tasks. From a plan template, you're able to always assign a specific task to your company or customer.
  • Standardize project plans. Create templates for key project plans that you use again and again with customers.
Create reusable plan templates.

You can create templated plans from scratch or templatize a plan from an existing workplace.

Learn more about plan templates.


We’ve finally added tables to workspaces. This highly requested feature has long been on our to-do list and we’re excited to finally ship this feature to customers.

You can now build classic tables with rearrangeable columns and rows:

You asked for tables. You got tables.

And more big stuff coming soon 👀

This is just the beginning of some major product improvements. We have a number of exciting updates in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on your inbox. 

As always, we appreciate all the customers who share feedback with us to help us build a strong product. 

Thanks for your support!

- Alex

Alex Kracov

CEO and Co-Founder of Dock. Tweeting about marketing, SaaS, and startups. Previously the 3rd employee and VP of Marketing at Lattice.