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Website Proposal template

Website design proposal template for agencies and freelancers

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Easy to use web design project template that's designed to share with prospective clients.

The template is editable and makes it easy to share everything from design mockups to case studies. With Dock, potential clients understand how you like to collaborate with new clients throughout the web development process.  

Website Project Proposal Highlights

  • Add personalization with a problem statement that makes it clear you understand the client's problems and client needs. Add the client's name, logo and banner image to the development proposal
  • Share the contact information for our team
  • Web designers share designs via embedded Figma files
  • Share custom pricing  and testimonials with potential customers
  • Create a custom sections that feature web design services,  SEO / search engine optimization, conversion rate improvement and more.
  • Use for any website CRM from Wordpress to Webflow
  • Easily share deliverables with Figma embeds and Loom videos
  • Outline the project proposal and key milestones across the design process
  • Perfect for agency teams and freelancers who are looking for a free website proposal template. Customizable for new websites or redesigns.
  • Create a checklist of all the web pages that you need to build for the prospective client
  • Duplication will help you save time with the proposal process for new clients


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