How to Take Advantage of Dock’s Free Trial

The Dock Team
April 21, 2022
January 9, 2024

Welcome to Dock! We’re excited to help transform how you work with organizations. 

The following article includes best practices for what to do during your free trial of Dock. The typical free trial period lasts 14 days, so here’s our day by day guide. 

Day 0: Before You Start 

Pick a time period where you’ll be able to dedicate some time towards evaluating Dock as a solution. The biggest time commitment is uploading your content into Dock and formatting the Dock space. Depending on the complexity of your process, amount of content, and how quickly you learn new software, this can take anywhere from 20min to a couple hours. 

Set objectives for what you’re looking to accomplish within Dock. The majority of our customers ask themselves the following questions:

  • Does Dock improve the customer experience? 
  • How will Dock save me time? 
  • Is Dock user friendly? 
  • What kind of analytics and insights will Dock provide? 
  • What business metrics are we looking to move? How will we track success?
  • How does Dock compare with other tools on the market? 

Keep these questions in mind, as you go through the Dock experience. 

Day 1 - 3: Build Your Company Template

The first step is to create a template and we recommend you start from a Dock template. We have a number of templates around a variety of use cases from enterprise sales to customer onboarding to agency projects to startup fundraising.

After you’ve selected a template, start replacing the content with your own.  Below is a quick training video that explains how to build Dock workspaces, share with customers and turn into templates. We strongly recommend you watch this video. It’s only eight minutes and will save you time. 

If you get stuck at all or just have a question, we’re here to help and we can actually build a company template for you. Just send us an email at and we’ll usually follow up within a few hours.

Day 4-6: Invite Team Members and Get Feedback

Share your company template with yourself or team members to get feedback before sharing with customers. 

Pilots work best when you get multiple team members involved. This will allow you to run a proper test across a few different customers. 

You can always invite team members to collaborate via the “company tab.”

Day 7 - 12: Share with Customers and Track Analytics

During the second week of your trial, we recommend that you start sharing with customers (or colleagues) to test the experience. 

To share with a customer, here’s the steps: 

  1. Select the company template you created
  2. Swap in the account
  3. Make any light personalization
  4. Publish workspace
  5. Copy link and share with customer

Here’s a few tips on sharing Dock with customers: 

Introduce Dock on a call

We recommend that you end your demo or kickoff calls walking through the Dock workspace. This helps customers see the value of the resources you’re sharing, while also aligning around next steps. 

How do you describe Dock?

It depends on how you’re using Dock. A few ideas that our customers use: 

Example email copy

Here’s a few ways to position Dock

  • I’ve created a workspace for Loom that includes everything from our demo video to pricing to next steps. 
  • I’ve created an onboarding guide for Loom that includes the implementation plan and training videos. 
  • I’ve created a client portal for Loom. We’ll use this portal to share deliverables, keep track of feedback and align on project timelines. 
  • I’ve set up a data room with our pitch deck, explainer video and revenue projections. 

The key to each of these examples is that you introduce Dock by whatever name you choose, but then also share why they should click on the link. 

After you share, you’ll use Dock’s analytics to see whether they click on the link or passed around the organization. 

Day 13 -14 : Evaluate Dock and Make Decision 

During the last couple of days of your trial, it’s time to decide whether you’d like to move forward with Dock. We have a few different pricing and packaging options. Here’s how we think about the differences between the plans:

  • Professional: Core functionality - workspaces, analytics, etc. 
  • Team: Create templates, sync sections and setup teams.
  • Enterprise: Sync Dock with CRM and IT systems

Most companies choose the Team plan. You can purchase any of these plans from the settings page in the product. If you want to talk before you purchase a subscription, we’d be happy to jump on a call (schedule time here) to discuss.

We’re also always happy to extend free trials if you need more time. Just send us an email ( and we’ll add some time to your trial. 

Lastly, we love hearing from customers, so please let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve the product. The CEO's personal email:

Welcome to Dock! 

The Dock Team